Cute T-shirts from Nada e-Shop

There are more female bloggers in Saudi Arabia than any other Arab country. We can probably argue over the reasons, but one of the reasons imho is that in the time that real life in the country poses many restrictions on women, the internet is offering an outlet for them where they can express themselves and show their colors to the world but also maintain a certain level of privacy and protection. Girls are not only using blogs to speak their minds, but also to showcase their talents, and even use these talents to make money. I have previously posted about iNouf’s laptop sleeves, and last week I came across another interesting example.

Welcome to Nada e-Shop, where brush + colors + t-shirt = drawn by hand, not printed artwork turned into business. Nada al-Mughaidi has graduated from the College of Education in Jubail, but her dream as a child was to become a cartoonist. She started drawing on t-shirts for her family and friends, who encouraged her to start a custom t-shirt business. In May 2008, Nada launched her blog and started taking orders. The blog also includes pages for rules, FAQs, and prices. She is based in Dammam, east of the country, but she shipping is available to any place inside and outside the Kingdom. What I really like is that every design is only produced once, so you will get a t-shirt like no other. The blog is in Arabic, but you can check out samples from Nada’s designs on her Flickr page.

10 thoughts on “Cute T-shirts from Nada e-Shop

  1. Wonderful designs, and a great business for her, that combines what she loves to do with a viable way of selling and distributing her work. I wish her all the best.

  2. Magnificent and lovely drawings.
    She is a very talented artist.
    Thanks a million for letting me know about her Ahmed.
    Please please more of the same :)

  3. It is to be commended that a lady is engaged in cultural work such as this.

    We must work for a time in which our ladies can easily and publicly engage in all the arts.

    Painting on textiles is a beginning, but it must not become a conclusion.

    We can and must do more.

  4. Good on her, not my style… but I am always happy to see someone achieve something or a little bit of their dream…

    I wish her the best, and thanks for letting us know about her.

  5. Suprisingly that the same ideology that kept her captive in her own country is writing it on T-shirt as if it is something to be proud of . No wonder why many people call our land , the Land of Paradoxes.

  6. Hey, just a few questions to you in another part of the world:
    Why don´t you sing? DANCE?
    Why don´t you do sports, competitions, football games – the thins in life that makes you enjoy life?

    Why should such things be forbidden?
    Why shouldn´t women be allowed to do all these thing in the 21st century?

    Come on, all you young arabs -time for a change! Let´s make this world a better place.
    No more war, let´s start talking. Let´s share for the world has to give.
    IMAGINE! (John Lennon, by the way)
    Hugs! Strength to you,

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