22 thoughts on “Hypocrisy

  1. I glad they figured out how to line up without trampling anyone!

    Im not sure what im supposed to take away with these type of cartoons.

    I havent been on hajj yet but I hear that men and women pray next to each other yet we cant seem to control ourselves on a weekly basis at jum’a, interesting.

  2. True!

    To quote Hadeel
    “دأب ساكنو مدينة العمى على الخروج للناس صباحاً ليعظوا بعضهم بأن يتجنبوا الذنوب ما ظهر منها وما بطن، ثم يأوي كل منهم إلى فراشه ليلاً، وهو يرجو أن لا يفضح الله خطيئته.. “

  3. salam :)

    i might have a grumpiness now so forgive me & i seek refuge in error. only, i think even if one somehow make mistakes in his life – it’s not right to display it publicly. it’s setting bad examples.

    “aaah i’m already such a craptard, why should i be a hypocrite by showing goodie goodie.” it’s not about hypocrisy. it’s about setting examples. say you teach your kid not to litter. than that guy litters, kiddie goes “mommy is a weirdo, that guy can do it & nothing bad happens to him!”

    ugh! sorry.

  4. I agree this is an excellent representation of hypocrisy: an disconnect between unseen and seen behaviour. Bravo Khaled the cartoonist! A left wing bias in Saudi is probably a necessary corrective.

  5. lirun:

    I see this as a cartoon saying that we follow clearly marked restrictions during the day — a time when any violations would be visible to all.

    But, when such violations would be hidden, in this case due to the night, then we violate sch restrictions.

  6. I believe there are a lot of it with the “elite”, govrnement officals and top religious leaders. Not so much from common saudi citizen as they have been tought to accept it as normal way of life. Don’t forget that the masses are called the “herd” by the above.

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