Congrats to Herbaz

My good friend Basem al-Salloum, aka Herbaz, is getting married tonight here in Riyadh. Congratulations!

UPDATE 2330: Just got back from the wedding. Here’s a picture of me saying congratulations to smiley Basem :-)

11 thoughts on “Congrats to Herbaz

  1. A good and happyt married life to your friend Basem.

    I can’t help noticing you are wearing a shirt, and, not jeans I hope? :mrgreen:

  2. no I can not believe that I love him too much I wish he will love me as well. oh my god I love him he is fascinating man i like his eyes wooooooooooooow

  3. يالبييييييييييييييييييييييييييه بسس يالبى قلبه ياحلوه بس انا دخت عليه لما شفته بلندن ودي وامنيتي بس اني قابلته وسولفت معاه اخ بسسس انا اتمنى له السعاده مع اني احبه احبه احبه بسسسس هي الحياة كذا نصيب اااه يارررربي

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