So You Think You Can Dance?

Since the Smooth Criminal, Saudi style video from last week was quite popular, I thought you might enjoy this too:

Here’s the same video from last week but with the original southern folk music:

Moving from south to north, check out these two guys:

30 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Dance?

  1. All three videos are great! The first reminds me of the Macarena. The second, visually is a little like an Arabian “Riverdance/Lord of the Dance”, and musically gives credence to the hypothesis that the original Arabian migration to Morocco was from the southern part of the peninsula. The third shows 2 very talented young boys! Any relation? LOL

  2. Si, they remind me too Irish dancers, so I guess deep down we all are not that different…

    Those 2 boys are really talented… and I think
    The M.Jackson song just fitted great with the 2nd video. I like the first one too. i found those traditional dances very nice, but I wonder as Jerry m said before, if there is anything similar for woman. Do they have also a traditional dance?

  3. I tried a video search, but all I found were ones of questionable authenticity, with extraordinarily vulgar and racist comments left on the topics of Saudi women, and Saudi women dancing.

  4. Ellen–thanks, will do. Love your first name, btw (Irish version of Helen, Greek for light). Thanks for enLIGHTening me LOL :)

    • Comic relief: Shakespeare used it to great effect; and, Ahmad is none to shabby at it in the blog context either.

  5. I think the videos are cool, especially #3. As a dancer myself, if I were choosing the music for these as a mashup. I’d put in place Jamaican dancehall or raggaeton since the beats are heavily rhythmic and are timed similarly. I can imagine video #1 Daddy Yankee’s- Rompe #2-Pittbull’s “I Know You Want Me #3-Sean Paul’s “Gimme the Light”.

  6. You can find a lot of Saudi dances like these being performed by Saudi students across UK and US on international cultural festivals/shows. To be honest, I was really amazed how they come up with them, especially the group dances.

  7. Hi Ahmed, I like the second one. Yet, I do not like linking the word criminal to the first one even if for humor. It could be called how the globalization affected the amazing Saudi dance.

  8. Ahmed I just check the youtube for the criminal dance and it is written it is a Kuwaiti one. Can you clarify further please. And, why you said it is Saudi style?

  9. Actually, I am not fan of Michael Jackson and I do not listen to him. Also, I did not know he has a a song called Smooth Criminal. Unlike you I do care what youtube users say when naming videos because some of the youtubers name videos (ex.Kuwaiti or Saudi) is based on their Ideology or point of view.

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