Norah and Adela

Norah al-Faiz says she has been misquoted. She does not say she was misquoted on what exactly: her Najdi niqab, introducing sports to girls schools, that she can’t appear on TV without permission, or the news that she started her talk with the reporters by saying “ya mama…” Alas, she said she will no longer speak to the press directly and will conduct all her interviews from now on via fax or email. I hope the new approach of the deputy minister would stop her from uttering nonsense like that she is more influential than Barack Obama. Al-Faiz has retracted her statements about introducing sports to girls schools, saying she is not against it and that “an integrated plan is being worked out to introduce PE in girls schools.” This actually could be true, not necessarily because al-Faiz said so but because someone who is far more influential than her is pushing for it.

Princess Adela bint Abdullah, the King’s daughter, told al-Riyadh daily yesterday that “it’s high time to look into the matter of introducing sports at girls schools seriously, following the teachings of Islam.” Princess Adela does not work in the government, but she is married to the minister of education. A friend of mine who met the princess says she is offering a new image for the women of the royal family. She is highly-motivated and very determined, and she is playing an increasingly assertive role in public life here. Since she is standing behind this, I think that female students might start enjoying their sports classes when the new school year begins this fall.

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  1. Fitness is a major problem in all wealthy societies. It shouldn’t take years to develop a simply physical education program for girls. It shouldn’t even be an issue.

  2. “Alas, she said she will no longer speak to the press directly and will conduct all her interviews from now on via fax or email.”

    I love this story. This woman is a puppet. If she only allows interviews via email or fax, how can anyone be sure she is actually the one who is answering the questions?

    If one wonders why Saudi Arabia looks bad in the press one doesn’t have to look to far.

  3. Great topic, post, and links, thanks.

    Princess Adela seems both more consistent and to have more traditional power behind her to effect reform. Hopefully she will succeed.

  4. she Isnt more influential than barak , i told you the story of the hacking of the times magazine but is any one reading ! that our problem us arabs were just egger to get to the last post without reading it !!

    people the times magazine was hacked hacked hacked !

  5. Jerry, she got Puppet written all over her.. I thought she had a mind of her own but she seems like someone with a degree and a position but with no ambition. I hope I am not hasty with my judgment of her.. but to be honest it didn’t go well with me when I got news that she didn’t support PE for women.. most of my female relatives have health problems and lack exposure to the sun and sports.. Its a shame that they will not tackle such a huge problem immediately!

  6. I don’t see sports for girls happening.. that fragile hymen and all. I mean women can’t freely work out w/out agencies trying to close them down. but considering the enormous cost on Saudis health care system due to lack of exercise and weight control for women they might just want to crunch some numbers and figure out the shocking truth of such thinking.

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