Fanatics Everywhere


The signs in the four drawings read, clockwise: Book Fair, Poetic Reading, Theater, Cinema. Read more.

17 thoughts on “Fanatics Everywhere

  1. The cartoonist forgot to mention:
    Shopping Centers
    The streets
    The internet

    But, it would’ve probably been just a copy of the first quadrant.

    Now lets not forget all the good stuff they do.

  2. The ones mentioned in the above two comments have been on their watch list for quite a long time. Unlike the ones mentioned in the cartoon which are just trending topics.

  3. I don’t think there is any good thing can come out when associationg fear with what people want.You can confense me but you can’t own me..these guys are trying to own you by telling you what you should do ,eat and drink .I think their time has lapsed ..They have proven to the world again and again how mistaken they are ..Now ther is no chance anyone with common sense would believe them .Statistics says Islamic politicians are in retreat in Morroc.Algeria,Sudan, and in Egypt .The reason might be that they are not giving valid solutions to mankind problems and when they reach power ,they want to make sure they stay there for ever .

  4. It has been going on for ages. It needs time to be contained.
    Qusay is absolutely right in saying “Now lets not forget all the good stuff they do”

  5. the value of the ‘greater good’ should always be considered in the promotion of vice and virtue (It is the Islamic teaching that has taught us that)… However, these people have no understanding of greater good! I cannot deny they do some good (even though I am sure the police can do the same job with greater authority), but there time has come to step down! we don’t need these people to dirty the name of Islam and our country! Not in our name!

  6. Saudi Arabia needs to have a complete legal code so that interpretation of vice isn’t done on an adhoc basis. You see this many stories that hit the world press.

    In particular they need to define what is or is not acceptible in art of all kinds.

  7. The article gives some interesting perspectives on the topic of creating a Saudi based cinema industry as an outlet for Saudi creativity and a reintroduction of cinema going into Saudi culture. The idea of making it a planned gradual process seems like a realistic goal. Other approved movies like Mustapha Akkad’s Lion of the Desert, etc. should be acceptable to all, and a beginning for “la septieme art” in Saudi.

  8. It is good that someone is challenging God representatives in the kingdom. The cartoonest needs all the support we can give him. I believe the governor needs to step in and assure the fanatics will not repeat what has become a habit.

  9. @Ex-Saudi woman

    “Beat and scold women who don’t cover their faces in the malls!!”

    I think that is the good stuff for them ;-)

  10. >What good stuff they do Qusay!! Beat and scold >women who don’t cover their faces in the malls!!

    Sounds like brutal cowards to me, type which always hide behind moral and higher purposes
    interresting how many ot this can be found among “moral” people …

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