My Op-Ed in the New York Times today

Last week, the New York Times asked me if I would be interested in writing for the newspaper about the Obama visit. Of course I was. Today, NYT publishes my article as part of seven views from the Middle East about what Obama should say in his much anticipated speech in Cairo tomorrow. Check it out. Here’s a picture of the voting paper that I mention in the last paragraph:


24 thoughts on “My Op-Ed in the New York Times today

  1. And isn’t it just cute how the Saudi Jawas were the first ones to mention pride on your post, Ahmad…man, ain’t we a buncha culturally confused rabbits.

    *winks at SaudiJawa*

  2. I haven’t read the article yet, but what is that? Wink? And jawa pride? Must be a jawa thing cuz I can’t understand it…

    Just kidding

  3. Well said Ahmad, I hope it resonates well as it was intended to be good job and thank you from a Saudi minority -despite the numbers- who wishes the same changes u are wishing for…

  4. Well said, Ahmed. And let’s have a small toast to the New York Times for soliciting a spectrum of opinions from the Arab world concerning President Obama’s visit.

    And please consider, the next time you are feeling “hopeless and frustrated” about the “glacial pace of change” something that might even be worse: the “counter-reformation.” A long time ago… about when I was your age, many Americans felt that we had finally reached a stage in our development whereby we would never again be bogged down in the quagmire of a foreign war; that the Equal Rights Amendment would become part of our Constitution; that universal health care would be available to all Americans; and that serious income inequalities would be eliminated, and that the lessons of the Great Depression would never be forgotten.

    Not only did we not move forward on these issues, but for 30 years we took large steps backwards.

    We share your frustration, recognize that one man, President Obama cannot change all this, and are STILL willing to fight the good fight.

  5. Nice piece! It is good to see opinions from those in the Muslim world but outside of the power structure. It looks like Obama will just spout pleasantries to Arab leaders.

  6. While I commend you on presenting to the US an image of Saudis far removed from the one of popular imagination and bigotry, I can’t help but ask one question.

    The biggest bridge the US has to face in the Middle East is overcoming the idea that it interferes and meddles in Arab affairs. In the West we constantly hear from the Arab world how the US should not have invaded Iraq to topple its leadership, how the US should leave Iran alone, how the US should get out the Israel-Palestinian issue in order for it to be resolved properly, how the US shouldn’t be attacking terrorist elements in Syria.

    But here you are, asking the US to get more involved and to in effect help topple unpleasant regimes!

    What on earth do people in the Arab world want from the US? Do you want to the US to help get rid of totalitarian theocracies (and then you complain about American interference) or do you want the US to let you solve your own problems (and then you can complain about Americans not helping you)?

    It is only when this question has been satisfactorily answered by the Arab world that the US can begin to build meaningful bridges between the two cultures. In the meantime, we’ll just be left with the unhappy status quo where to the average person in the Middle East, the US is always and forever the big problem.

  7. Congratulations are certainly due.

    I hope that this focuses attention attention on this issue concerning our nation.

  8. “What on earth do people in the Arab world want from the US?”

    Some want one thing, some another, some want nothing. Why do you expect every Arab to have the same opinions?

  9. “He must signal to them his intention to change the longstanding policy of turning a blind eye to the undemocratic practices of America’s Arab allies.”

    “I know there has been controversy about the promotion of democracy in recent years, and much of this controversy is connected to the war in Iraq. So let me be clear: no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other.”

    Looks like Obama disagrees with you.

  10. You were published in the Zionist NY Times. Good job. Democracy promotion? No, autocrats will do. Arabs are of no use to Americans. Don’t you understand that? Just ask AIPAC.

  11. ahmad and co, guys waiting for the royal folks to implement any sort of change or promote democracy, have you ever asked yourselves this question:


    coz, painful as it may sound, it is not in their interest to promote democracy etc, as it never has been in the interest of an absolute monarchy to promote democracy. expecting them to do so is painfully naive

    look up ‘french revolution’ on wikipedia. thats how democracy came alive. it wasnt the king announcing it. ever

  12. First, Ahmed, your friend Carlos is impressed you write in the New York Times!

    Secondly, It was very brave in its content and finished with very poetic and meaningful words.


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