Another Day, Another Statement

A group of reform activists has published an open letter to King Abdullah, asking him to ensure public and fair trials for alleged terrorists and demanding other judicial and political reforms. The group, called “Advocates of Constitutional Reforms, Civic Society and Human Rights” (ACRCSHR), is currently trying to collect signatures from the public. So far, 37 persons have signed the letter.

Supporting the alleged terrorists’ right to a public, fair trial is a noble call, but I wonder if associating other reform demands with this call is a good strategy. I heard many reformists accuse the government of practicing political opportunism when they deal with different groups in the country, but isn’t this kind of association similar to these practices?

One activist said the letter signals the end of a stage that witnessed a cautious flirtation between the king and the reformists. The letter boasts a strong language, but is it going to make any difference? Some people think that the era of statements and open letters is over.

If I sound skeptical, it is because I am. The glacial pace of progress the country has made over the past few years is not exactly a good reason to get all excited over anything. What many leaders in the government and outside it don’t seem to realize is that more and more young people are being left frustrated and now are considering leaving the country to pursue their dreams away from here.


7 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Statement

  1. i had a debate with a group of 20something and 30something friends yesterday on this issue..
    is Saudi changing/making progress?
    my friends seemed to think not.

  2. I heard something strange, that a certain sect always have a get-out-of-jail-free card no matter what they do.
    They desicrated graves, openly talk about overturning the Saudi goverment, and always raise anti-Saudi flags and banners. Yet they get released within a week.
    Does this sect have some sort of strangle hold on the goverment?

  3. I just saw a BBC documentary here on an Australian Network called SBS. There was a snapshot of your blog in it about your post “Fouad Released” . I thought you should know about this short appearance of your blog. Maybe you want to check the doco out…it was called “Inside the saudi Kingdom”. It was mostly the Governor of Hail talking throughout the doco and as I recall your from Hail too.

    P.S I don’t think this doco had anything to do with the real issues in Saudi.

  4. The trend of youth emigration will continue.

    As a rational matter, their prospects are frequently much better elsewhere.

    Moreover, the clerical establishment supports such emigration tacitly, because the clerics recognize that such emigration serves as a useful means to ensure that those most discontented (and thus likely to call for change) are not within our society.

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