Last rant on the G20 Summit

Apologies for the hiatus. I was planning to write a long wrap-up post about the G20 Summit, but the week after my London trip was hectic and it’s too late now. Instead, I will link to some of what my fellow bloggers wrote.

The only thing that I want to add here is regarding the Saudi contribution to the IMF. I attended the press conference of British PM Gordon Brown where BBC Arabic asked him about this and he totally ignored the question. Later on the same day, I had a chance to ask the same question to Michael Froman, deputy assistant to Obama and deputy national security adviser for international economic affairs. He said Saudi Arabia did not publicly announce how much they plan to contribute to the IMF.

Read more from G20Voice bloggers:

Overall, attending the G20 Summit in London was a great experience, and the G20Voice bloggers were awesome. The best part was probably attending the Obama press conference. We had to stand in line for 90 minutes to get in, but it was worth it. Here’s my favourite moment from the event:

8 thoughts on “Last rant on the G20 Summit

  1. hmmmmmmm … Obama didn’t answer the question .. he tried to go around it and link energy to terrorism…. oh politicians only you would do something like evade from the real question

  2. A serious question, what did you gain by attending it? more attention?
    I hope you answer that with honesty Ahmed.

  3. What can America do to counter terrorist activity in Pakistan? America has itself created those terrorist and are yet the puppets to set their bases in Pakistan and create more tension in the region.

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