The G20 Summit

We are finally at the media center for the G20 Summit. I’m sitting on a long table with the rest of the G20Voice bloggers, and we are expecting a big day here. Everybody is talking about how World leaders are going to fix the global financial system through more regulation and transparency. Also big on the agenda is reforming the IMF and other financial institutions. More updates from here as news starts to emerge from behind the closed doors.

3 thoughts on “The G20 Summit

  1. following and interested : )
    I’m hoping we would see real emphasis on what is in it for us; ordinary people, Saudis in particular.
    all the best Ahmad

  2. Ahmed,

    Do you believe that concrete actions or measures are likely to occur?

    I tend to have the view that these gatherings are very weak in respect to any such resulting actions.

    Are you kept in a very “controlled” environment, in which you have little access to any of the dignitaries in attendance?

    • There is a serious tone from everyone here, and there is an urgency. We are in the media center. People from some delegations came here to speak with us. Other delegations are expected to hold briefings and press conferences later today.

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