Sandstorm in Riyadh

A sandstorm covered Riyadh around midday and everything is orange!

UPDATE 1450 GMT: Sandstorm is almost gone now and the weather started to clear up.

43 thoughts on “Sandstorm in Riyadh

  1. Saw how it covered riyadh from my office…pretty neat like a holywood movie but man it dosen’t feel any pretty. -_-

  2. Gone? Ah! My 1300 flight has been moved to 1730, and then 2130… hoping it won’t get delayed any more.

    Some people said the airport was closed for incoming flights for a while… some flights for Egypt and Dubai seem to have departed though.

  3. I like sandstorms. The temperature drops rapidly to cool levels and the particles are too fine to choke you (though they can be dangerous) and at night, the light from the city makes the whole sky glow orange. :)

  4. It came so suddenly. I stopped at my doc’s office and when I went in the skies were clear and it was sunny and warm. When I came out 20 minutes later, I could barely see my car which was 10 feet away. Driving in this was quite the experience especially since driving in Riyadh is normally a horrific experience. In fact, I drove in NY City for nearly 20 years but I won’t drive here. I had to hire a full-time driver.

  5. Your blog got a write up in our daily paper here in Ireland today – The Irish Times – so I thought I’d have a look at it!Keep up the good work!

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  7. why do i click submit too fast?
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  15. Am I missing something? This started out as a little discussion about our great sandstorm of 2009 here in Saudi and somehow degenerated into some sort of nasty interchange, having nothing whatsoever to do with the sandstorm. Just another puzzlement I guess.

  16. I think our so called discussion is drawing more attention than the topic itself, well in any case we were both having fun i assume unless he got offended or something, at least it killed my boredom a bit.

  17. it was scary but cool, i was at school and when we went into our assembly hall the weather was absolutely normal, we were in the hall for hardly 5 minutes and it was like WHOA when we came out

  18. It really was cool to witness up close and personal. We get so many wonderful experiences (and some not so great) living in this part of the World. My family and I have been in the Middle East for nearly 2 and a half years and love it. We have no intention of going back to the States anytime soon, other than for visits. Life here is really quite good – quite high-on-the-hog really, to use an American hackneyed expression.

  19. Cool! I remember the sandstorms from when I was there. It used to get in the eyes, nose, ears. You could taste it and feel it in your teeth!

    Amazing to watch from inside a car though.

    Good times.

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