Stop Violence Against Women

I wanted to write about this or this, but I thought after my previous post it is just apt to show you this:

The video is produced by Maram Taibah, a graphic design student at Dar al-Hekma College in Jeddah. (thx RT)

27 thoughts on “Stop Violence Against Women

  1. A wonderful brief video, with an important social message.

    My only comment would be as to why the message is exclusively written in English.

  2. I accidentally started playing the video and the one with prince sultan and I was like “What does football have to do with women’s violence?”

  3. A graphically beautiful video. Almost art for art’s sake…nevertheless, it fails to portray the [international] violence against women with any specific details.

  4. extremelly impressive work… loved the concept behind it… and message…

    the sound effect disturbed me shwai ..

    i think she could’ve used her hand movements more to her favor by showing resistence probably ….. but altogether… an impressive work.. well done Maram

    would be interesting to see how the arabic version (if any) would turn out to be…

  5. It is a good piece of art …. but I think the fatwa of the grand shake is more important to deal with …. or the HRC attempts to stop children marriage deserves to be thanked and supported by all means. I think the age should be 18 rather than 16, though. Because even girls at 16 are still not old enough to take such pivotal turn in their lives. Personally, I would go with that age with my relatives.

  6. I think this is a very good video, This could be aired all over the world as an idealistic commercial against violence to women.
    It’s not at all L’art pour l’art. It is very clevr, it makes you think, it suggest blood and hoorible acts against women, without actually showing anything controversial.
    It is useless to be very graphic and direct, it just doesn’t work, there would be problems using it on tv, there would be complaints, This is far more intelligent.

    One of the best visual allegation against violence I have seen.

  7. awesome graphics but it would have been much better if the message at the end was Arabic! Assuming its directed at a Saudi audience.

    umm also when I first read don’t let her body be a work of art I immediately thought tattoos :S <<maybe its just me lol

  8. i like the message maram is preaching but in general i dont like that sketch ,it’s not very memorable and the catch phrase is a bit cheezy !

    however amazing work i love the progress !

  9. its those individuals that make being in DAH worthwile.. Being in the same department myself, this truly inspires me..

    To answer your question- why is it in English?
    We are following an American curriculum in Dar Al Hekma and in the graphic department, most instructors are non Arabs. Only 2 courses include arabic:
    Islamic Ornamentation and Calligraphy
    Arabic Book Design
    And sometimes in Editorial-depends on the instructor, and in one of the Corporate Identity projects.

  10. it’s those creative individuals that make me proud to be part of Dar Al Hekma’s graphic design department. I’ve told Maram about this thread, and hopefully she’ll remember to check it out and answer your questions.
    Anyways, to answer your question, it is in English because the college follows an American curriculum. Everything is taught in English except for Arabic and Islamic Studies. Furthermore, most of the instructors in the GDES department don’t know Arabic. In some courses where the instructor is Arab, we’re sometimes allowed to use Arabic.

    This is a project for the Moving Image course Maram is taking, and they had to do it in English.

    Hope that answered your question

  11. I used to know Maram till she moved to Jeddah a few years ago. I remember her being a very artistic and creative person, but I never imagined she’d create something as powerful as this.

    I can see the relation and understand why she used the phrase “Don’t let her body be a work of art”, but I still do agree with some of the other commentators that she could have found a more catchy phrase.

    Nevertheless, the message behind the video is clear and it’s a great and a very much appreciated step forwards.

  12. اردت ان اعلق بالعربيه بحكم اني اعيش بالغربه واستمتع بالكتابه والحديث بالعربيه وقد خرجت للتو من محاضره عن الهويه واللغه
    ماردت ان اقوله وبالصدفه وقع نظري على الموقع هو ان الرساله لا تمت للعنف بصله نعم يمكن ان نقول ان الرسامه كانت مبدعه لكن لا يمكن لا حد في العالم ان يقول ان ضرب المراه نوع من الفن لقد اخطات تماما في ايصال الرساله لو كان الفيديو في وسائل الاعلام الغربيه لمنع من العرض فقط لان في اشاره ضمنيه للاشاده بالضرب وانه نوع من الفن لقد جانبت الاخت الرسامه الهدف تماما اعتقد من المفروض ان تسحب الاعلان وتفوم باخر اكثر حرفيه العنف ضد المراه وخصوصا المراه العربيه موضوع شائك وعميق ومازالت المراه تعاني الامرين منه فلا يجب اهدار اي طاقه متوفره من قبل شبابنا في تضيع الهدف الاساسي للموضوع
    يعني لو عرض الفيديو على اي اجني سيقول
    very distracting video not good at all
    sorry but this is what my supervior said when she sow this work

  13. سارا, well, and who says your supervisor is the repository of all wisdom?
    If your supervisor doesn’t like it, WTF???
    I like it, I think it’s intelligent, and gets the point across.
    Moreover, I think I’m a lot more intelligent and knowlegable as your supervisor.

  14. I would like to add that violence against women is not only can take physical forms but verbal abuse is also considered as a violent act. Violence is not restricted to abusing someone’s body. It can be argued that emotional abuse in verbal communication is considered as a type of violence against women. This phenomenon is not limited to Arab countries yet it is spreading all over the world including western countries. However, the reasons beyond exercising power over women differ from one country to another. Also, there is a serious misunderstanding to the Islamic teaching about how to tread women. Some men abuse women and cover their acts under Islamic teaching, however, they are misunderstanding the Islamic teaching and sadly they are giving a wrong image of Islam. I think Islamic teachers and preachers must highlight this topic and spread awareness among Muslim societies about the true meaning and the correct practice of how to tread women.

  15. It is indeed a very powerful message supporting “violence against women” – graphics without words, I wish such brief messages are telecasted over tv…however, violence against women is a hugh business world over, Europe, America, Central Asia, Africa are the worst case scenario…watch the recent movie ‘TAKEN’ starring Liam Neeson and you will understand what it all about

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