The Old Turtle

turtle-clipart_2Mazen Baleelah, member of the Shoura Council, has been working to pass a new law criminalizing sexual harassment in the workplace. Some people supported him in his effort saying it is long overdue; some other people thought he is exaggerating and that sexual harassment is not yet a pressing issue that we need to deal with by legislation. However, the most surprising reaction so far has come from some female academics who spoke to al-Madinah daily last week. They objected to the proposal because they think such law would encourage mixing of the sexes in workplaces. Baleelah was quick to respond that although none of the six articles in the new law encourages mixing of sexes, such mixing is a reality of our everyday life in this age that we need to address properly if we want move forward.

What do I think about all of this? Well, the Shoura Council is dead to me so I’m not expecting anything good to come out of that place. Also, it seems ironic that some women are standing against a law that should protect women, but hey, what do I know? Finally, are we moving forward? Yes we are! We are moving forward, but really really slowly, like an old quadriplegic turtle.

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  1. I would like it to come to suface about all the affairs going on at work places between the sexes.And what takes place at the bars and the rooms at the hotels where the co-workers of the opposite sexes stay at ,on all those buisness trips that they take together.And if it is a indeed a fact that men and women that work together are having sex.And what is the truth about how that affecs the work atomsphere when the romantic relationships brake up or there is break-up of marriages because of these entangelments between co-workers of opposite sexes.

    I know,personally that when I am not getting along wit my co-workers ,that it affects the atomphsphere in the workplace.So let’s,for an example, say that I caused a break-up in a marriage of one of the man that worked in my office.How will my female co-workers view me? A.)I could be seen as a threat to them and their romantic relationships, if I was using my seductive charms on the men in the office? B.)I could be a good model for them to follow.

    And how do managers feel about romantic relationships beteen the co-workers of the oppisite sexes?Jealousy for instance can raise it’s ugly head.And we know all about jealousy when it comes to the passion of the heart.It can even lead to murder.

    With all the businesses going under now.It would not hurt to examine what is going on at work places that lead to destruction.

    Another thing do businessmen take sex tours to Malmo,Sweden?And if they do,does like a whole company of co-workers do it together?

  2. I agree Ahmed that Shoura is a sterile entity, but not a useless one. It serves a minute benefit in underlining (although not solving) key issues in the society. “not every difficulty faced is solved; but no difficulty is solved until faced”
    As for Mr. Baleelah’s proposal, I believe it is a step in the right direction towards addressing the problems of segregation in the work place, and undermining the other 50% of the nation’s work force and future; i.e. Saudi women. Although, policy wise, I think he was too hasty in his response that “mixing is a reality” as it will probably distance the proposal from any material support.

  3. The Z Theory has it just right.

    However, I would also add the note that a law prohibiting sexual discrimination, like all laws in effect, must be examined through the lens of application as well as theory.

    The judges that would apply the law must be considered.

    As such, I would argue that the lamentable process of judicial selection and judicial training would most likely render the effects of any such law to be nugatory.

    We must fix not just the laws, and the system of laws, but ALSO all those that apply the laws — judges and prosecutors.

    I would welcome hearing more about reforms to judicial and prosecutorial training. Such reforms must be extremely deep and pervasive in order to be effective.

  4. ok I jus had a mini stab in the heart when I read that some women oppose it! :'(

    I just hope we’re that we’re moving in the right direction, coz it would really suck if that turtle had 2 go allll the way bk and then start in the right direction.

  5. I a law criminalizing sexual harassment is long overdue and those who believe the issue is not pressing is not living in today’s society. It is sad that some women are opposing such a law, and due to women like this all other women will face more obstacles in achieving gender equality. In response to the issues of gender equality and sexual harassment, I have started a non-profit organization, which focuses on women’s rights in education and employment with an emphasis on sexual harassment. Although, the organization largely focuses on women’s rights, it also recognizes that men face sexual harassment daily so we also seek to provide aid and support to all those who have experienced sexual harassment. This means both men and women. No discrimination here. This project is in the beginning stages and I have just created a Facebook page so I invite everyone to come join my group on Facebook (Group Name Speak Up! Speak Out! — Come be a one of the first members of this admirable group and help support those who have spoken up for their rights and spoken out against those who seek to deny them their constitutional rights!

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