Welcome to Riyadh


Taken at al-Tazaj, Takhassosi Street, Riyadh.

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  1. haha, the “single ladies not allowed” sign at the takhasussi tazaj was the first one i noticed in riyadh :-D I had forgotten to keep my camera with me that day

  2. اممم .. مريت مره على مطعم أو مقهى ما أتذكر ، كان مكتوب ممنوع دخول النساء بدون محرم .. !
    لكن يبدو انها لافته شكلية فقط
    و كثير لافتات انوجدت لإسكات جهات معينه ولا تطبق فعلياً..
    مثلاً بجامعة سعود لافتة مترين في وسط الحرم الجامعي فيها العديد من المحاذير و يسعدني اخبارك ولا بند مما كتب يطبق : )


  3. hummmm
    very enlightening ya Mo.
    it makes you think that we should move these signs to the moon, for instance.

    Can you imagine the “hartaqa” if it happens that a lady steps on, without a mouharram?!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is just plain weird. This is like the “Whites Only” signs in the 50s in the USA. What it there isn’t a “family”? What if it’s just a man and a woman (married of course, otherwise hell would rain down brimstone), without children?

  5. LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL
    That’s SOOO Riyadh
    I understand we got an entrance for single men..
    But where the **** do single ladies go if they are not allowed to get into family section???!!!!

  6. Huumm,and 2 think my mum flipt-OUT at having to take my then 10year OLD brother to the bank!!!!! you know mamnoo3 d’7ool aLNesa2!!!!! she was not fayzzed 2 say the least.
    BUT as we all know mums due have there limets my mums boiling point was when she was tould she had to go in to the box!! beter known to makawees as ‘3orfat al 7areeem ….never mind the mamno3 d’7ool al nessa2!

    • this is a reply to S… why are you calling saudi women as whores? i think you were referring to the slut who gave birth to you!! Respect yourself A$$HOLE

  7. i think this ruling does not really apply in makkah and madinah…or am i wrong here? because i seem to be moving about all alone, in an out of restaurants and shops without any mahram accompanying me. or was i just plain lucky that the muttawa did not catch me at that time? i hope not…

  8. The really strange interesting side of this is that even outside the kingdom it still affects the Saudis.
    In the UK, I saw general Saudi student meetings and gatherings organized by Saudi staff in the same manner, ladies and men separated, although, they are mixed in universities there.
    In the Saudi school in Manchester, the Saudi men coming to pickup or drop off their kids are not allowed to enter since there are some Saudi ladies working inside.
    This is just too much.

  9. I tell ya with all them place holders, their gonna misplace the whole society!

    The above and below the salt routine…

    But like Aafke commented it must be a booming business- consumerism Saudi Style….oof LOL

  10. I’m pretty sure the “No single women” thing is because of Takasoosi street. :P

    Usually, Single women go through the family entrance.

  11. this is nothing..growin up in Riyadh i remember stores(like certain electronic and music stores) where women were not allowed inside…period.dont know if thats changed now tho

  12. hi, greeting from kuwait , i cant beileve this is true , i mean we heard things like this but i thought its just rumores , i mean whats wrong if women enter without men accompying them this is irrational , its not from religion at all , hope u guys make an effort to change such things like that

  13. Hey Ahmed wish u got enough sarcastic comments u wanted by posting this :) anyways I’m a Saudi girl, live in my beloved Riyadh and I do go to resturants with my friends at any time without any problems (I’m 24 yrs and I didn’t face any prob by doing this!) and guess what? I fully deeply like it and support it (to have seperated private sections), wish this rules always.

  14. what’s so surprising?

    in swaydy ( the riyadh fallojah) i saw a picture of a coffeeshop serving arabic gahwa (arabic coffee) with a sign saying (according to the haya’a orders, women are not allowed to drink)

    of course ppl around this sign were so happy for these order that keep the women respect and modesty as kept gewel …:):):)

    it’s riyadh..:) made to be always that bizzare and odd..

    women lives in riyadh is a pure hell…espicially when it comes to poors or traditional families

    i truly pray every day to get a chance for escaping anywhere

  15. That picture is misleading. Women consistently enter family sections in restaurants without mahrams, even that particular al-Tazaj branch. That mahram thing a very old sign that carries no weight, these day.

    That’s not what Riyadh is like. You are either misrepresenting it, or simply new there. When you see a woman get in trouble for entering a place without a ma7ram in Riyadh, then you have a story.

    I don’t want to go on rant here, as I wish to quickly get back to procrastinating, but the fact is that a single solitary women with a driver in Riyadh has access to more places than a single man.

  16. Fat is right that women go places in Riyadh without mahrams all the time, but also wrong about the pictures being misleading.

    Drivers on Saudi streets speed all the time, talk on mobiles all the time, make left hand turns from the right hand lane all the time – but the fact that it happens all the time doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable, or that you will never get punished if you break the rules.

  17. I’m British and have lived in London all my life, up until a couple of months ago. I now live in Riyadh and I do sometimes see these signs up. In all honesty I love Riyadh and wish the rest of the world would take the effort to preserve the sanctity of women and stop the free-mixing between men and women that only leads to sins. If London was more like Riyadh, I would never have left it. May God preserve this beautiful City, ameen.

    • Respect yourself again coward ! What is is that bothers you the most about saudies? Ah dont tell me one broke your heart !! well you dont deserve a shit ! faggot !

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