Comedy Night in Riyadh

It is often said that in Riyadh people either pray or shop, and other than that not much is going on here. Tomorrow, however, will be an exception: Smile Productions are presenting a night of live stand up comedy performance, featuring Steve Gribbin and Kiven Bridges from the Comedy Story in London. The show will also feature 3 local talents for the first time on stage, so this should be interesting too. If you need more information, please contact Peter: or call him: 0594370662.

25 thoughts on “Comedy Night in Riyadh

  1. I don’t know, I’ve lived in Dammam as well as Riyadh and visited Jeddah and all I did there was Pray and shop.

    Jeddah in particular had almost 1 mall per capita.

  2. hm … it is true that these guys can be funny at times, and it is also true that it is a bit of a variety in riyadh nightlife

    however if you take a look at the price, 250SR, well, that’s just a joke

    if me and 3 of my mates get together and put that money in a kitty, we can drive down to khobar for the weekend, spend 2 nights there, eat well, have some fun and a great weekend

    i wonder if the ACTUAL value of this show, an hour or two’s entertainment that is realistically speaking sort of upper middle class in quality and nothing that could not be derived from a tv-show, is what makes people attend

    or is it rather the fact that for 250SR we can bow deep to the UK comedians and be part of something extremely upper class and new and high style etc

    the price is absolutey ridiculous and this whole show series is built on people’s snobbery and desire to look posh

    sorry if it sounds like a downer, i would definitely attend for say 50SR or 70SR but this is just a rip off, nothing else, and we are glad to pay as then we all become part of this fantastic inner circle of saudi society who attends the comedy show of 2 british stand up comedians oh my god how elevated we are, we so stand out from the crowd, and all that glory for a mere 250SR … and if we are lucky, we might even get a glimpse of a woman in western clothes !!! a bare shoulder !!! but only from the corner of our eyes of course

    poor sales in jeddah? well done jeddah crew who did not headlessly fall for this audacious rip off and who showed that their critical thinking skills are still in place

  3. OMG…r u kidding me!!??
    theres a COMEDY NIGHT …HERE…IN RIYA’6!!..
    naaah maan ur playing with my head!!..
    whens the next one!!??

    im sure women are not allowed to go…

    got excited over nothing -__-

  4. Riyadh needs events like these but this one is ridiculously priced! you can go to Maroon 5 concert in Dubai for less than this. who are these guys anyway? put some sense in their head and people who drove 80Kms out of Riyadh need to get a life.
    Well done Jeddah crowd for ditching the snobs

  5. Brownie & Aayedh,

    I take you points about the pricing. That is under review with the assistance of sponsors.

    Having said that, I have to say it is cheap compared to similar events in Dubai and Riyadh. Russell Peters is charging up to SR800 a seat in Bahrain.
    Aayedh.. It wasn’t 80km outside Riyadh.. It was less than 20. And as for Brownie’s comments about an elite audience, I think they would be offended at the description. They were just ordinary people from 25 countries who appreciated a good night out.

    However, constructive criticism is always welcome. Furthmore, I would be delighted to invite you both as my guests to the next one so you can see for yourself. Just give me a call

    Smile Productions

  6. Russell Peters upcoming show in Dubai is on sale for only Dhs175 .. and he’s like RUSSELL PETERS !
    I understand why many people chose not to spend SR250 over comedians they may have not heard of before.
    I like the idea though, I wish I was in town.

  7. If you are able to accommodate audiences of thousands.. in Dubai and Bahrain.. then of course you can charge lower ticket prices. Currently in Riyadh, since we cannot hold public events and only accommodate less than 500 in a private venue, then it stands to reason that the prices will be higher.

  8. By the way, tickets to see Russell Peters in Dubai at the Madinat Arena start at AED175 for seats at the back and go up to AED500. Add the cost of flights and hotels and you are looking at around AED 3000. We are working on getting Russell to KSA in 09.

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