Riyadh Bloggers Meeting

We have been doing a monthly bloggers meet up in Riyadh over the past few months. We stopped for Ramadhan, and now it’s back. As usual, the meeting will be on the last Monday of the month, October 27th. Starting at 8 PM in Caza Cafe in Tahlia St. Looking forward to see you there.

14 thoughts on “Riyadh Bloggers Meeting

  1. I’ve heard of such a meetings.
    would you please tell your aims and objectives of these meetings? or is it only for connecting Saudi bloggers ?

    Best Wishes,

  2. Munira and HishMaj, we don’t have a specific agenda. We just get together and talk about different things that matter to us. It is a chance to connect and put faces to the voices.

    ige, you’re welcome to come.

    Carol, yes, unfortunately this is limited to male bloggers.

  3. Hey Ahmed,

    Are Pinoy (Filipino) bloggers allowed or is it just another – expat is ban, saudi-only thing?

    Nice blog BTW although can’t agree with you on some issues like SK. Fawzan’s thread. :)

    Keep it up…

  4. Carol, I don’t think the cafe WiFi connection can handle video streaming. Maybe next time :-)

    Deen, you can come but the problem is that everyone will be speaking in Arabic.

  5. @ deen and ahmed, arrange for translation. it would be good practice for some of the attendees and increasing their language skills will help them in their future careers.

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