Alexandria… Why?

After I returned from my trip to Egypt last February, I wrote, “Egypt Air seriously needs to consider a rebranding.” One month later, an Egyptian blogger wrote about the same thing. (Is it just me or is the third paragraph of his post is almost identical to the first paragraph of my post?) Anyway, few weeks later, Egypt Air indeed announced a rebranding, updating their logo and colors, and becoming Egyptair.

Why I’m bringing this up now? Because today I will be taking one of their planes to visit the land of the Nile again for a few days. I will be speaking at a conference organized by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA). The conference will tackle the Role of Libraries in Freedom of Expression, Tolerance, and Access to Information, and it will take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria.

I’m looking forward to be there and meet the people. If you would like to do a bloggers meet up or something like that, please drop me a line.

14 thoughts on “Alexandria… Why?

  1. You are completely right: his third paragraph is a copy of your first paragraph. Shame on him, he should have quoted you instead of copying without mentioning your wonderful blog.

  2. Ahmed
    You’re lucky mashallah. Best of luck :-)
    I wonder if we can see bits of the conference online?

    And will you be attending the Andrea Bocelli concert on October 11th at Bibliotheca Alexandrina?

  3. I was at the conference today. I wonder why the translation stopped during the heated discussion between Wael Abbas and this *!&%”$%&% from the audience, that was accusing middle-eastern bloggers of concentrating only on the negative aspects of life.
    Just a coincidence?

  4. I just took a piece of your writing because it conveyed everything I wanted to say, and it inspired me to do the rebranding months before Egyptiair actually did it.

    Plus I has a link back to your blog as the source of some written material on the post. Maybe you didn’t notice it.

    Sorry if I offended you.

    Best regards,

  5. how about talking business….any chance telling people about me …. here in france we ve home in countrysea-side but need money or partnership….
    ********* is that you?
    you can phone if u can’t use email_0688356003

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