Real Job of HRC

Turki al-Sudairi, chairman of the Human Rights Commission (HRC), told Arab News today that his organization has handled over 10,000 complaints since it was founded three years ago. He then went on to count the other great achievements his organization has made, including the formation of a higher committee to distribute booklets on human rights to official bodies.

Did you get that? Not just any committee, that’s a higher committee who will be responsible for the enormous task of distributing booklets. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t mean to belittle the work of HRC, but this kind of PR fluff just gets on my nerves, and a reporter like Walaa Hawari should know better. But what’s really bugging me about them is this: as a governmental organization, HRC has been given the power to question other government bodies on their abuses of human rights, but some of those bodies simply ignore HRC and continue their abuses like it’s 1994.

Apparently, HRC seem to think that they can’t do anything if other government bodies did not cooperate with them. But I think this is not the case. HRC is no less than a ministry, and if anyone thinks he is too good to deal with them they should simply report him to the Prime Minister, i.e. the King himself who signed the decree to establish this organization. People who use their positions and power to violate human rights should be held accountable for their ugly actions, and until we have an elected parliament or the Shoura Council members get some balls, this is the job of organizations like HRC.

8 thoughts on “Real Job of HRC

  1. Ahmed ,,
    there is no such as HRC
    just a skeleton ,, to fulfil that we have HRC ,,
    and the human rights are the best in our country ,,

    when the full sys is in corrupt ,, the single commision can do nothing ,,

  2. Ahmed,

    I visited HRC’s branch in Jeddah (located in Madina St. upward) , and I spoke to the legal adviser there regarding those who were born and lived for decades in this country and they’re still not yet granted a citizenship or a permanent residency.He actually understood what I was saying but he gave me the “bright fact” that HRC is a “governmental head” so it can’t actually resolve any issues without the prior approval of the Chief of Ministries Council (the King himself). There where the word “puppet” comes in, the two Human Rights organizations in Saudi Arabia are not “independent”, then what is the real job of HRC in Saudi Arabia ? Simply: “To give a shiny image of the Kingdom in front of global medias” , especially after many criticisms from worldwide parties.

  3. I totally support you. Yes, ugly Human Rights violators must be held accountable.
    On the notion of Human rights, have you heard of our efforts at it?
    The Anti Hate Code of Ethics? Have a look at it and hopefully you would sign it too. Go to my blog (click my name).


    The need to move their shit around a little and stop handing out friggin pamphlets.

    They could get people to do that SHIT for free. Are they not being PAID for their jobs?

    Do you accept the word “SHIT” ? sorry

    SPARKY IS still A HUFFING AND A PUFFING about the cleric issuing a FATwa to MURDER PEOPLE during Ramadan. I guess I am the bad one for saying SHIT in Ramadan.

    (Sparky is chuckling evily….haaaa)

  5. Ahmed, I can understand your frustration with a government organization that seems to be serving a just cause, but could easy go that extra mile when holding people accountable to human rights. If the HRC is not using its political weight to hold others accountable, then who is responsible for bringing that to that issue to their attention? Also, what do you feel that the HRC could be doing better to inform people about human rights?

    I do have to agree with Loay. If the HRC is not an independent organization from the state, then they will not be taken as seriously as they need to be when bringing issues of human rights, or violations of such, into light.

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