Ramadan Mubarak

23 thoughts on “Ramadan Mubarak

  1. مبــارك لكــــم قـــــدوم هذا الشهر الفضيـــــل
    أعاننا الله وأياكم على صيامه وقيــامه وأعتـــق رقــابنــا فيه من النــار
    وبلغنـــــا فيه ليــــــلة القــدر

    وكل عام وانتم بألف خير

  2. Ramadan karim to everyone – I’m looking forward to some good iftars at the hotels in Riyadh (even though I don’t fast!)

  3. Ramadan Kareem everybody! may this month be means for us getting close to Allah ‘azza wajal. May he shower his mercy and blessing upon us. can I get an AMEEN???

  4. May this be a blessed Ramadan for all….

    This is the most suitable time for quitting it, once and for all….all the best!

  5. Stumbled here by accident. *blame it on google* Nonetheless, you got some interesting postings plus that’s a cute e-card. Definitely going to read up more of your stuff, periodically. :)

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