Judges Gone Wild

If writing about the Commission is like beating a dead horse, then writing about the judicial system is like… beating a dead mule. There is much to say, but I will leave these recent examples talk for themselves:

How are we supposed to trust that our cases will end up in the right hands?

16 thoughts on “Judges Gone Wild

  1. i do believe that we have one of the worst judicial system in the world some judges are far from Islamic sharia .
    Yet I don’t believe in using scandals to prove that, i.e the drug and sex scandal, for many reasons: one is because some of them have not been proven yet and it might be fabricated. the other reason that scandals happen in even the most civilized of systems.
    We need to bring live cases from courts to show what kind of system we have. Using scandals is tricky because they can also use such methods, I say that because one day if any of (the Saudi liberals) got caught into a scandals, they will use this scandal on all liberals.
    This system don’t need scandals for us to know that thy r not doing a thorough job.

  2. Hey I wrote about that a couple of days ago. But with all due respect, if they denied knowing the junkie, then its highly probable that the guy forged papers.

  3. There are three types of judges…

    A judge rules with his inclination is in Hell-Fire

    A judge rules without knowledge is in Hell-Fire

    A judge rules with what God [Allah] had sent down is in paradise

    Riddle me this…Riddle me that

    What is the type -from the above list- that resembles the judges who gave these sentences?

    By the way Ahmed: you need to work on a bit on the (Possibly related posts) algorithm, it’s not giving accurate results, what (Girls gone wild) has to do with this topic ? lol


  4. Chill!

    lol! It’s not the end of the world here….

    So we got 4 here so lemme break my comments down down:

    1st news, it’s absurd & a little too harsh but little what we know about the full info it might have been more than what they stated.

    2nd news, now why do they have to make a big deal on the mustache? That’s the question here lol.

    3rd news, now that’s serious; he should go back to square one for this but everything is possible if he can make it up while he’s around.

    4th news, linked though not definite evidence has yet to come so we’ll just pray, sit & wait.

    Basically if we go back to our roots, we should picture ourselves not just as Muslims but as “Faithful” Muslims.

    “Iman”; it comes & goes; increases/decrease depending on our everyday life activities.

    Now let’s go back to the judges, in the end they’re no different than us; they make mistakes like any other.

    One thing is certain; as long as they’re still here in this world they should be thankful & make a difference.

    Surely if we’re forgivable, what more can you expect from Allah forgiveness level from ours?


  5. Interestingly none of these news items are being covered by Shaikh Salman Al-awda’s website. Even though he has a news section. His website has become like the old Saudi Channel one.

  6. There has to be a way to discipline the scholars who err instead of digging ones head in the sand and pretending that we are the best and there are no problems.

  7. I read about them.

    Also, I wrote a topic about a related thing.

    The saudi teacher who was lashed for saying his opinion to his students supporting jews’ rights.

    The strange thing is that I couldn’t find a single arabic website talking about it nor wider talks in non-arabic ones too

    Here I am asking. Why we started to hear so much these days about such things while we weren’t some years ago!

  8. Subhan Allah, don’t we all know that you will find bad in every country? In the U.S we hear of scandals every day, whether they be priests, senators, judges, even presidents!

    But they have a ‘civilized’ court system as opposed to the Kingdom? How is that? Sure there is room for improvement in every nation (including the Kingdom), but let us not generalize.

  9. I watched the video of the Al Russ Judge. What a queer way to make out! Has this man conceived any children? If he has it is a true miracle….How awkward…

    I can’t believe there is a video of it. Was it a setup?

  10. my grandmother used to say:
    absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    a fiance doesn’t like a teacher of his wife to be & in essence has them both beaten (what an inadequate word! how exactly do you give 600 lashes? over weeks? do you wait until session 1 has healed or just start again tomorrow? so the difference between this and just torturing people because you feel like it is… what…?)
    all i can say is, may those judging find themselves judged just as they have done.
    my grandma would also say: comes around, goes around.

  11. ps to Ali’s comment
    yes, there is bad everywhere
    and before Abu Graib I believed much better of us

    but an important difference is that when there are checks and balances (W has spent his entire time in office trying to tear them down) and a free media, these kind of things can be stopped.
    at least in a perfect world.
    in this world, when you know how to use the media, you can get away with any kind of story you want.
    it’s been a profoundly disillusioning 7.5 years here & much as I want to believe “change” will bring “change”, I know better. It’s the same story in a slightly different package.

    the only difference is that a free media can at least allow the conversations to happen about corruption/scandals/torture.
    but just like it’s true that bad happens everywhere, it’s also true that the powerful never have to suffer the consequences of their actions.
    that’s just for everybody else.

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