Too Much to Ask?

More than 75 days have passed since the arrest of Matrook al-Faleh, the political sciences professor at KSU, who was taken from his office at the university in a manner that is inappropriate and unacceptable, to say the least. No official statement has been released on why he was arrested and what are the charges against him. He remains in solitary confinement and he is yet to be allowed to meet his lawyer.

Jamila al-Uqla, al-Faleh’s wife, has issued a statement today saying what her husband is put through violates Sharia, as well as international laws and accords which oppose any kind of treatment that degrades human dignity. She also called on human rights organizations and activists around the world to speak out for him and ask for his release because his demands are peaceful and public.

There is not much more to say other than repeating what I said here two months ago, and also what 140 intellectuals and activists wrote in a petition to the King that was published in early June. Either release him, or present him to a fair public trial.

8 thoughts on “Too Much to Ask?

  1. what is happening now reminds of some video I watched on one famous blogger’s page about great nations, saying: ” a great country does not torture people or make them disappear without a trial”
    believe me, they will come up with false claims like supporting terrorism or stuff like that to keep him in prison for a bit more as a lesson for everyone who actually think that freedom of speech can be practiced
    there are two things every person should expect here:
    one, there’s no such thing as freedom of speech. they may tell you they support it, or you’re allowed to practice it, but once you do, you either end up like Mr. Al-Faleh, or make an enemy out of the whole ignorant lot which includes earning wonderful labels, and false claims
    two, if freedom of speech is practiced, you’ll be mislead to believe that you have gained your right at freedom. however, the things you demand will never be put into action. instead, you’ll get the (we’re thinking about it) response. and so, you live up forever expecting that some good will actually come out of a struggle, but…alas!
    In the end, it’ll be a lesson well learned.
    Always keep your thoughts to yourself. let the cruelties prevail. thank god that you still enjoy the distorted version of freedom of speech. mind your own business. keep on covering up for the negativities of our society. brag like the rest of the population about the heavenly society of ours, and voila!!! you’re a good citizen
    I’ll keep quite from now on. an advice I give to those who wish to practice freedom of speech>>>use symbolism
    god bless you all. I’m off to commit suicide

  2. Cut me some slack…

    A “fair” trial ? under the mercy of stubborn clerics ?

    He has to thank God that he wasn’t sentenced to 600 whips

    Those “clerics” or so-called do not make the adjudication based on the Islamic purified Sharee’ah but based on their “misleading doctrine”.

  3. I feel for the man’s wife, but she needs to realise that Shari’a plays little or no role in Saudi law, especially when it comes to protecting the state and the royal family.

  4. Can they dare to even put a American or Brit behind bars even for a minute. No. They know well that the Marines will troop in with machine guns and hit them on their bums with their gun butts. It is only the poor defenseless citizens on whom they can do all the inhiman acts.

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