Movies in Riyadh

Despite the fact that cinema theaters are not allowed in the country, it seems that an active community of movie enthusiasts is flourishing these days in Riyadh, offering several opportunities for people to watch films at special screenings in different parts of the city. If you are in town these days, you might want to check them out. Here’s a short guide for the movies that will be screened starting tomorrow:

The following screenings will be at King Fahd Cultural Center (map) and they are open to women only:

Tuesday, July 8

10:00-12:00 — Four Arabic short films
14:00-16:00 — Four Saudi Short films

Wednesday, July 9

10:00-12:00 — Letters of Iwo Jima

For more info, contact Hana Abdullah: haom at hotmail dot co dot uk

The following screenings will be at the Society of Culture and Arts (map) and they are open to men only:

Wednesday, July 9

21:00-21:12 — Absence (Drama from Bahrain)
21:15-23:00 — An Inconvenient Truth (Documentary)

Wednesday, July 16

20:30-23:00 — United 93

For more info, contact Faisal Auda: face_off995 at hotmail dot com

All screenings are free of charge.

11 thoughts on “Movies in Riyadh

  1. Not bad, for a country without cinemas. Enjoy the screenings. Letters of Iwo Jima and United 93 are still on my want to see list.

  2. It is not bad at all, but I wondered if you will be arrested watching Cinema, what will be the punishment by the religious Police :P
    Some Embassies are offering this as well; I used to get email every month by the movies and to whom to be contacted and which embassy…
    Cinema and lots of other things will come like anything else happened to come with lots of resistance at the start.
    Do you remember the cell-phone with Camera? Or even before that did you read the story of first Saudi TV and female educations…however, majority of People resist changes because some others are getting profit of having this country being left behind.

    good news Ahmed .. thanks

  3. It’s good to know that, though I’m not in town. But what’s the occasion for screening these movie? Are Hay’aa cool with that?

    This could well be the first step to allowing cinemas in the country. I guess these minor screenings are to experiment the mainstream reaction.

  4. I saw 3 short Saudi Films .. in King Fahad Center in the summer camp for girls

    I’m sorry but they are sucks !

    بقايا طعام .. very bad with no end !
    إطار .. didn’t complete it! it’s take a long time between the shots ! very poring !
    مطر .. some how! it was okay!

  5. encouraging.. but the selections.. seriously? Letters of Iwo Jima is L-O-N-G.
    they shuld play some family movies..

  6. i’m curious about the choice of films for the men and women. why letters of iwo jima for the ladies and united 93 for the men? very interesting film selection, actually. any ideas??

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