New Life

My cousin Ahmed al-Haddad, who got married last summer, has been blessed with a baby boy he named Mohammed after his beloved father. Both mommy and the baby are doing fine, and the whole family is happy.

22 thoughts on “New Life

  1. الله يحفظه ويخليه لهم
    Congratulations :D

    (sorry for the copy&paste I don’t have an Arabic keyboard)

  2. يحلييله..ربي يحفظه لاهله يارب
    امووت ع الاطفال بهالعمر لانهم ملائكة بكل شي بكل شي
    وبعد اذنك صورة خلفية للشاشتي
    وعقبالك يـ احمد ان شاء الله

  3. What freedom are u looking for, why 5000 saudi live in Dubai, u ever know,,,is it for good or bad, blessing to baby, Allah give him good health

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