10 thoughts on “Firefox 3

  1. Firefox only works better on some things – like getting Qatar Airlines to load correctly – but it fails miserably for others when IE works flawlessly!

  2. I noticed the same thing in China, BT — IE is still much more popular there and many Web sites are really only designed for IE.

    Does IE still have the most market share in Saudi Arabia now?

    I for one love Firefox.

  3. Yes, Firefox is much better than IE, they are worlds apart. But the only browser I’m working with is Flock “the social web browser”, the one and only browser for me. It’s based on Firefox but includes tons of features Firefox doesn’t. There’s a built in flickr / picasa / … uploader, gadgets to stay in contact over twitter, facebook, youtube and many more. And most of the Firefox Add-ons are compatible with Flock! Check it out:

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