Fouad in Riyadh

I was in Jeddah when Fouad was released, but unfortunately I could not meet him then because I had to leave the next day. Last night he paid a visit to Riyadh, and fellow blogger Sami Omar hosted a dinner in his honor in Shurfa Restaurant. We were also joined by Jihad, Herbaz, Medical Practitioner and Mohammed al-Saleh. Needless to say, we had a great time. It was really good to see him after this long time and I hope we will have a chance to get together again soon inshallah. There is only so much you can say in five hours :-)

9 thoughts on “Fouad in Riyadh

  1. Ahmed, it is an owner to meet you all , It is one of my happy .. happy night ever :) ..

    Thanks for everything … Hope to stay in touch..

  2. Ahmad,
    It was really great meeting you. I couldn’t thank you enough for what you and the rest of bloggers did. All the words were not good enough to explain my feelings.

    You should mention that we had a very heavy dinner. That might explains this bad pic of me :)

  3. I thought the meeting was planed for the10th as I recall reading in saudibloggers. ning,,,,, DaaaaaaaaM,, what a pity.

    Any way I hope I can meet you all in the near future.

    all the best to you Ahmed and all my fellow bloggers.

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