Saudi Jeans Turns Four

So, four years, huh? Who would have thought? :-)

Looking back today, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the good ole days of 2004-05, when there was only a handful of Saudi blogs out there and almost everyone knew each other. I miss the over-excitement of Farooha over a lot of things, I miss the deliberately-politically-incorrect dark sense of humor by Wasma, and I certainly miss the shining thoughtfulness of Riyadhawi.

But don’t get me wrong. I am proud of the fact that I’ve worked to help create the active lively community that is the Saudi blogosphere, and incidents like Fouad’s detention and Hadeel’s illness have proved what a long way we have come. I just miss the good smell of freshness, witnessing the birth bangs of something new.

I wanted to say that this blog has changed my life, but I think it makes more sense to say that this blog is changing my life: it is introducing me to interesting people, it is opening doors of opportunity for me, and it is an amazing ongoing learning experience.

I never planned for any of this, and sometimes it can be overwhelming and exhausting, but I know one thing for sure: I don’t want to stop now.

28 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans Turns Four

  1. Go On,
    You are great, and your blog deserve to be 100 years old, not only 4..
    You deserve it, Good Luck in your future life & blogs..

  2. Ahmed , am really happy 4 u man , alf mabrook and i wish another 100 yrs 4 ur blog man , btw, the interview with CH 2 was really good , keep it up and i wish @ll the best.

    P.S : i added ur blog to my Fav’s.

  3. Congrats Ahmad. You have led the way for many Saudi Bloggers. I also, like the idea of guest bloggers that you started implementing lately. I think it gives your blog additional talent to grow readership and provide continuity.

    I wish you more success.

  4. You’ve helped at least one ignorant American understand this place just a little bit more, and I’ve only been reading for a few months.

    In continued ignorance, I’m not sure what the culturally appropriate response is, so I’ll just say thank you and good work and good luck.

    PS- I assume you’re not kidding about the party.

  5. Ah, too bad I couldn’t follow this blog four years ago. But the one year I now know it makes me wish you at least 100 years more of Saudi Jeans. It’s a blog you can be proud of – and Saudi Jeans can be proud of you ;-)

  6. I’m glad you’re still blogging and so regularly too.

    The Saudi blogosphere is similar to the Kuwaiti one in the early days; those were special days and so many people quit along the way whom we surely miss.

  7. Mabrook on your 4th birthday!
    Good ending; halfway through I was scared you maybe thought you’d had enough! You have made KSA a much more real and human spot on the world-map for me, and I love to read your personal views, your adventures and tribulations.

    Many more years of blogging to you!

  8. نعم ها قد حل العام الرابع , فتحتفل ونحتفل معك باحثين عن سعادة الآخرين
    نحو مجتمع حي راق واع

    كل عام وأنت “حر” يا أحمد

  9. brother Ahmed, as an avid reader of your blog (both the Eng. and Arb. posts I read) I would like to say Many Happy Returns

    I’m proud to have heard about such high-minded Saudi young man like you…. keep up the good work and best of luck :)

  10. Ahmed,

    I am so happy for you .. 4 years of achievement that changed a lot of Saudi youth mentality and mean of freedom. ..
    I am so proud of you… and Mr. Farhan who is breathing finally the freedom that he taught us :)
    Good luck Ahmed, it is a enormous responsibility that we expect from you running such a famous blog.

    Your Brother
    Medical Practitioner

  11. No matter what, you’ve made your mark, and when someone mentions Saudi and Blog in one sentence, Saudi Jeans undoubtedly comes up! So while there may be new blogs in the Saudi blogosphere, you can clearly take the credit for bridging the gap between the outside world and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I, for one, am praying for much success for you, but ultimately, I hope the outside world can see Saudi through your eyes and words! :D

    Here’s wishing you much success for the future!

  12. It has been long time since I was here….it is a bit around 4 years now…I am getting older and a bit wiser….I had many disappointments and few successes. Life has never been easy on me….I had few love adventures that did not last. I had become closer to my family and become more peaceful in accepting who I am…

    The drastic change is that I have become an atheist….I believe in no god or religion, although I am fully aware of my rich Islamic and Arab background.

    I am more settled in my life …I realized that I have few demons that I need to harness but to no avail….I have few addictions that it hurts me and my family life ….how can I get rid off the addiction that brings me sense of calmness and serenity.

    I realized that I have no friends …I discovered that I don’t trust people easily or never trusted anyone fully.

    I am fine with the way I am …I live for my kids ….I am not ashamed of who I am , although many people around me would love the opportunity to jump and gang over me.

    I am back because I want to vent out in a bit anonymous status. I am here because I love Saudi Arabia, Saudi food and to some extent Saudi women ….I am from Algerian background….but born and raised in Medina Saudi Arabia.

    I feel a bit sad that I don’t have long term friendships….I am, however, thankful for where I reached in my career life.

    I am looking for people to interact with here ….I am sure I will not make lasting friendships since that it has been the trend in my life.

    I lived in America for a number of years. It had a great impact on my outlook on life and my behaviors…in my old age; I am content with my Arabic and Islamic roots even though I have no desire to practice Islam or any other religion ever again. Nevertheless, I believe in the power of meditation and secular form of spiritual practice…It is spirituality of here and now …Nothing about the life after and its mythical pleasures.

    I wish I have people whom I could hang around on semi-regular basis. It is sort of the American style of people gathering for a certain purpose or sharing certain interests and then they go their own ways.

    I don’t expect much from being here. I will take it as it comes.

  13. Wow, it’s been a real while since I’ve last been called “Farooha.” There’s been a “farooha”-backlash sitch over here ever since I quit blogging, actually!

    I’m getting teary-eyed and nostalgic…remember our first real effort to get all the saudi blogs in one place back in 05? I should have bowed down to the genius that is Ahmed from the get-go! Awww, Ahmed, remember all those “serious” mid-night discussions we had about King Fahad’s health and finals we never really studied for, via text messages? Ack….*breaks into the kleenex*

    Anyway, just thought you should know, I still lurk around these parameters and you’re doing SUCH a great job, Ahmed. Happy belated birthday, SJ.

  14. Congratulations… you’ve aded a new dimension to our society, a place of free and open discussion of all ideas with no limitations or restrictions… you’ve attracted people of different ideology & beliefs, this way you’re creating maturity, understanding & tolerance and changing the stagnant water to a rapidly flowing stream…With this blog and similar ideas & works we can now become closer to strong international bodies & push the wheel of positive change…Keep up the good work…

  15. I am a fan of yours…not obessed but I like what you are doing and saying and was most impressed when you were on CNN speaking of Fouad. You speak with confidence and authority…Keep it up!

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