We Like to Party!

My friend Mahmood has just found that Manama is at No. 8 on the list of Top 10 Sin Cities in the world. According to the website, our Bahraini brethren should thank us, the Saudis, for putting their capital on the international sin map:

Manama is a popular spot for Saudis to kick back from their country’s restrictive laws. Here they can get hammered, go clubbing, mingle with the opposite sex, and if they’re really daring, they can pick up prostitutes — a practice that’s illegal but widely available. For many Saudi males this proximity to an open culture is irresistible and many jam the causeway and fill flights to the city every weekend. Do you want to see what happens when Saudis cut loose and leave the rules behind? You may need to get in line.

We rock, don’t we?

15 thoughts on “We Like to Party!

  1. A Kuwait friend once told me: ” I just figured out why Saudi Arabia did not have any interest in taking over Bahrain till now, even though it’s heavily dependent on Saudia, and its smaller than Jeddah” he continues: “If they take over Bahrain, it will be just another Saudi city….and that doesn’t help, Saudis need a place to have fun!!”

    Ohh,,,,those devilish Kuwaitis ;-)

  2. Although what you said is true, it is unfair to characterize Saudi males based solely on this type of behavior. Germans are famous of crossing their national borders to the Ukraine for cheap prostitutes. Bangkok and Tijuana are hot spots for Americans to go and get laid, in despite living in countries where sexual promiscuity is acceptable. It is typical male behavior to hunt females, regardless of geographical location

  3. and after that.. they like to drive at 180kmph on the roads leading away from Bahrain…
    thinking that the faster they go the quicker they will reach their cities 400KM away…. but due to a good job of the Highway Police they sure fail to do that

    sometimes they just have no respect of time :@

  4. This island symbolizes a lost love not a passing lust. I have vivid memories of the homage that I used to do to meet my beloved one among scores and scores of the sinning ones.

    All sinners got what they wanted. They came back on the Causeway saturated with lustful fulfillment. I came back with rejection that embittered me till this day.

    Go for it, O sinners! Love has no place among fleshly desires.

    I am left with a faint distant memory of sweetness of love. Now I wished that I had wholeheartedly embraced the doctrine of carpe diem as a motto. Love has no existence in the city of Dogma.

  5. I’ve seen Saudis go wild in Britain, and it was not nice: there were always two or three getting drunker than the average Briton or foreign student. We blame it on not being allowed to drink or party in the Kingdom.

    @shadow whispers: Germans go to Ukraine to contract prostitutes to work in Germany, where prostitution is legal.

  6. I was in a plane from Frankfurt to Bahrain with four VERY drunk Bahranies ready to land on their beloved homeland which they talked about allll the way. Well one passed out on a long nap on the plane floor, yes on the ground of the plane…as soon as we took off, and 3 times after a frightened flight attendant forced him to get up, he finally woke up to drink even more. But it’s how he and his very drunk friends continued drinking that made my flight all the more entertaining. They ordered beer and wine one after another and drank every beer possible, on top of one glass of wine after another and in between. When the attendent asked what would you like to drink? one would look at the other and see what he ordered then he would say Wine, not knowing what colors the wine came in he would just say that color pointing to his friends drink. Then he would say beer too..I never saw anyone drink wine as fast as those Bahranies and down it with beer. Point being that it seems like Bahranies are as crazy about partying as Saudies.

  7. I always figured that is why almost every single road sign in Bahrain points the way back to Saudi. It’s the Bahraini way of saying “please go home as soon as possible” Also helpfull So you can find your way back no matter how smashed you are.

  8. I am shocked!…wait no i’m not!

    why am i not shocked? think about it, people in the gulf area have been raised with mediocre laws and strict guidelines and no freedom whatsoever… its only logical to think that something like this will develop

    this is…how should i say… stupid??

    If this is their way of wanting their freedom, then they are in for a surprise because it will never be given this way..

    so, let them enjoy their little merriment of a party… it sure won’t bring any achievements!

    Broken Wing

  9. :)

    Interesting blog

    found it mentioned in some cnn article with your quote :) keep writing

    warm regards

  10. @shadow_whisper: “Germans are famous of crossing their national borders to the Ukraine for cheap prostitutes. ”

    You didn’t have any Geography lessons at school, right?

    There is no national border between Germany and Ukraine. There’s Poland in between (or the Czech Republic plus Slovakia, depends on the route you take).

    So considering the two facts that first prostitution is legal in Germany anyway and thus easily and cheaply available and second that the gas price is as high as never before – no German would ever drive as far as to the Ukraine to go to a prostitute.

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