Day at the Beach

Spent the day at Ogair beach with my family. Weather was really nice and the kids had lots of fun. Here’s some pictures:

6 thoughts on “Day at the Beach

  1. Oh, how I hate Ogair. It’s still dilapidated looking but, I haven’t been there since last year so it may have undergone another face-lift.

    The only advantage is how empty it is as compared to Halfmoon. I was dying to know where my modest friend (Saudi, not ex-pat) acquired the tan-lines across her shoulders and that’s when she let the location of her secret abaya-free swimming spot out- Ogair, after fajr, mid-week.

  2. SSW: Ogair is the way it is because Ahssa Municipality, an official body known for its incompetence, is the one responsible to take care of it. It was my first time there, and I can see they’ve been working to improve it but it is still far from being acceptable.

    As you said, it’s empty compared Halfmoon, and I like that because I’m not a fan of big crowds. Plus, it’s only half-an-hour drive from Hofuf so that makes it easier when you suddenly feel you want to see the sea without much thinking or preparation.

    Mansour: Ogair used to be a main seaport on the Gulf but it is no longer used.

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