What Keeps You Going

Living in the so-called Kingdom of Humanity, one can’t help but wonder: is there a way to escape all the depressing news coming our way? It is hard to ignore all the disturbing stories of injustice and discrimination that keep jumping before our eyes. But at the same time, you don’t want all of this to get to you. You want to be happy and you want to be able to enjoy your day.

Sometimes you wonder: why do they make it so hard to love your own country? Frustrated and angry as you may be, deep down you know how much you love it and you are proud of it.

It is said that hope is such a thin rope to hold our lives on, but it seems that’s all what we’ve got these days. It is the thing that keeps us going: it gives Abdul-Rahman Al-Lahim the strength to keep on fighting, it gives Wajiha Al-Huwaider and Fawzia Al Oyouni the courage to keep on rallying, and it gives people like Fouad and Hadeel a reason to keep on blogging and speak out.

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  1. I think that ultimately we have to admit that no one country or kingdom or uma, no matter how great, can ever ultimately satisfy our hopes. Because they consist of men, and can we honestly say that any of us know men who are without any faults and who always do what is right? Therefore, while we love our countries, we must be humble and realize that nations and kingdoms rise and fall like waves on the sea.

    But here is wise advice:
    تَقُولُ نَفْسِي: «الرَّبُّ هُوَ نَصِيبِي فَلِذَلِكَ أَرْجُوهُ».

    25 الرَّبُّ صَالِحٌ لِمَنْ يَرْجُونَهُ وَلِلنَّفْسِ الَّتِي تَلْتَمِسُهُ.

    26 خَيْرٌ لِلْمَرْءِ أَنْ يَنْتَظِرَ بِصَمْتٍ خَلاَصَ الرَّبِّ

  2. Well said Ahmed. Hope is the little thing that keeps our heads up, and makes us believe that not only is tomorrow a better day, but it could be the best day of our life. I believe, in your case you see the potential of the KSA and that is what gives you hope, therefore, making a person such as yourself the hope for a better, brighter and much happier Saudi Arabia!!


  3. I think every one has a target and something inside keeping him going.
    Motivation and fighiting will help us to get the correct way …
    ( welcome back )

  4. Simon:

    Lamentations 3:24-26

    24″The LORD is my portion,” says my soul,
    “Therefore I have hope in Him.”
    25The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the person who seeks Him.
    26It is good that he waits silently
    For the salvation of the LORD.

    I think that the temptation to find in some political or national movement a kind of salvation is probably one of the greatest forms of idolatry we have seen.

  5. Ahmed, I was thinking these exact thoughts when I wrote this post:
    There’s, without a doubt, a depressing aspect to being socially active. Every person involved with the public, speaking on behalf the “muted” majority, at some point or another would feel frustrated and even wonder if anything/anyone is worth it.
    A bus driver tod me: “I’ve got every curse there is from passengers. You love the public until you get to serve the public.”
    I think it is a beneficial exercise to stay out of the whole scene every once in a while. To immerse intensively in another country, by that I mean two years minimum. There are so many truths and realizations about our country and “the other” that cannot be understood through the reading alone, nor the news, nor even communicating with people who live abroad. Those truths are balancing, and calming. Even as we continue to call for justice, rights, and all that is good-at least it won’t be with an aching heart, or an outburst of emotion. It would be more subtle, subtle as in well thought and far sighted…
    I echo what abu-daoud is saying. Countries are but the equation of the same human elements, shortcomings and hopes. They are only different in the way they define/portray themselves…

  6. “Sometimes you wonder: why do they make it so hard to love your own country? Frustrated and angry as you may be, deep down you know how much you love it and you are proud of it.”

    First of all: Welcome back.

    But speaking on your post, I have to agree with you wholeheartedly. As an American I have to deal with outrage at my government, my media, and my culture. But its my home, its my blood, it where generations and generations of my family have been born, lived, died, and been buried.

    I love my family, I love the simple people of my country. They are the blood veins and hearts of this society.

    Its just unfortunate that everything else is a cancer thats slowly eating away at everything we once held dear:

    The persuit of life and liberty, and the freedom of religion.

  7. “I think that the temptation to find in some political or national movement a kind of salvation is probably one of the greatest forms of idolatry we have seen.

    ” Political, national OR religious movement.

  8. Everybody has both love and hate for their country. Although in KSA you are having a hard time of it at the moment.
    You’ve expressed in your blog you love your country, and all places on earth have had their almost unbearable periods at times.

    One shouldn’t ignore all the problems you see around you, but don’t let all those negative things get at you. And don’t let it rule your life. At least you are one of the people trying to do something about it.

    I hope you did well and you will get excellent grades!

  9. U R talking like Mockinbirds, U r trying to focus on the negative side of our kingdome, while there are many positive things here in SA, U R not doing the Free Speach, u r just trying to insult others ,all of u r trying to let true Islam being collapsed, while raising the false Islam is ur Goal,

    donn’t forget:
    while u shiite try to ruin our community,
    there are many good guys repairing what u ruined and building the basis of our Bright Future by using the revolution’s tools and depending on the modernity of Islamic philosophy.

  10. Perhaps you show good sense in your faltering affection for Saudi Arabia, for it is an unlovable country. Certainly, if there were no Saudi Arabia, there would be no Wahhabis spreading terror and death throughout the world. The world would be a better place were there no Saudi Arabia. With the way Saudi Arabia makes war on the world, that may someday come to pass. Nobody will miss it. Nobody. Certainly not the orphans and widows of Sep 11.

    However, if anyone needs any more reasons to despise Saudi Arabia, here’s one:


  11. Ahmed,

    Every country has its good and bad and there are times when we feel one more than the other. However I believe one should always take pride in their heritage and where they are from even if not always agreeing with all the policies.

    The Kingdom has many positive attributes and in regards to humanity, in spite of the negatives it does remain the largest giver of humanitarian aid.

    The Kingdom is also the world leader in the separation of Siamese twins. Many of these twins are brought to the Kingdom from all over the world where they are successfully separated. This surgery is usually done as a humanitarian gesture as well. However in traditional fasion, this effort and others usually do not get play in the press. Unlike many other countries, the Kingdom has always been more modest in touting its achievements and humanitarian efforts.

    This post may sound like I am a cheerleader of Saudi Arabia; in reality I’m not. I just try to be fair and want both sides of picture to be seen.

    American Bedu

  12. the only thing that keeps me goin is not seein your ugly face and anything you are saying is BULLSHIT! like Ph.L A M 3 R said, wake up from your dream and know what life is and stop dissin your own home town.
    you tell me, what is the thing bothering you about saudi here? no strip club!!! BRUDDER PLZ

  13. I can relate to this blog so much. I live in the US and ask most of these questions very often. I know that I love the ideas of America, but I don’t always love how these ideas work out. It is supposed to be land of the free and home of the brave, but I rarely feel like this is the case. I think that all a person can do is what they feel is right, because each individual helps to make up the whole country.

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