Two Weeks Off

I won’t be blogging for the next two weeks in order to focus more on my studies. I will be back in the first week of February, but I will update the blog in case there was any breaking news regarding Fouad’s case. Meanwhile, you can follow my latest updates on Twitter and Facebook. See you soon.

12 thoughts on “Two Weeks Off

  1. Hmmm. May be this is what they want you to do: to keep silent. Do you think is a good idea?
    I understand you need to concentrate in your studies but you are now more than a simple blogger, Ahmad, you have now some responsibility to your readers.
    Good luck.

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  3. I just read about this blog in a Dutch newspaper. Fouad is a brave man, even in ‘liberal’ Netherlands it is not always safe to write under your own name. Stay tough!

  4. Save Innocent American Citizen by Saying no to Unjust Patriot Act
    10/24/2001– House Passed without amendment this Unjust Act first time in the United State History .
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