Saudi Jeans on CNN

I was watching the news on CNN yesterday, and they had a report about the Saudi media reaction to the Qatif Girl case. In the middle of the report they showed the front page of this blog and quoted something I said here. You can check out the video on their website.

8 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans on CNN

  1. Would Anyone like to discuss about the truth of shia for real
    to look for the truth
    to think properly
    and to be honest

  2. this might sound totally absurd but me being also totally unaware of the real dangers involved in a country like saudia, could this pointing out your blog and your (mild, reasonable but insistent) criticism on the saudi government not cause you troubles at all, Ahmed?

  3. Its very incorrect of CNN to show your adress in this way.
    But I came to your blog because of this program and I like it very much, it is very enlightening to read.
    I think the ”girl of Qatif”-story is an awful story, but to hear of her courageous husband and laywer actually gave me a positive impression too, of the people of Saoudi Arabia.
    And so does your blog.

  4. Hey Ahmed congratulations.
    A bit off topic but I was wondering what happened to the aggregator? it was great having all the saudi writers in one place.. since it went off I haven’t been bothered to read any.

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