Justice and Common Sense

As the new reforms on the legal system are yet to be implemented, I guess that some judges thought they would use whatever left of time for the current system to demonstrate their misjudgment and lack of intelligence. It was not enough for them to sentence the Qatif girl to 90 lashes a year ago, so they decided to more than double the number of lashes plus six months of jail. The girl is a rape victim, but apparently being raped is not enough to spare her the punishment for something called ‘khulwa’.

Now what kind of ‘khulwa’ that would take place in front of a crowded shopping mall is beyond my comprehension, but that’s just me. I’m pretty sure our esteemed judges and those who support this bizarre ruling have many justifications to present upon request, but then again, who on earth am I to question a court which uses the word ‘sharia’ to legitimize their decisions no matter how absurd these decisions are?

Some people have asked me why I have not written about this earlier, and the reason is because I was angry, disgusted and depressed. Those following me on Twitter have probably seen this, and although I have been discussing the issues with my family and friends who share the same feelings with me, I could not bring myself to write about it without using some kind of language that I’d rather not to use on the blog.

The victim’s lawyer Abdul Rahman Al Lahem has been suspended from the case and faces a disciplinary session because the judge thinks that Al Lahem was using the media to affect the court’s ruling. Now how can the media be used to affect the ruling is anyone’s guess, but why should the judge be affected by the media might be something we should be looking at, because as far as I have been told, our right honorable judges are very wise men who claim to base their verdicts on Qura and Sunna, not some blabbering in the media. Anyway, it is not the first time that Al Lahem faces a problem like this. He has been jailed before for defending reformists but he continued his work as Saudi Arabia’s most important human rights lawyer.

It is up to the appeal court now to confront this unjust ruling and finish the suffering of the girl and her husband who bravely stood up beside his wife. Otherwise, this case might require the interference of the king in order for justice and common sense to prevail. Let’s hope they will prevail in the end.

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27 thoughts on “Justice and Common Sense

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  2. Interesting that this story has had very sparse coverage in the Arab press and indeed the Arab News were late in reporting it.

    Could it have something to do with those hilarious signs posted on the bridges of Riyadh welcoming Opec delegates to ‘the Kingdom of Humanity’ ?

  3. I couldn’t believe that her initial sentence was more than doubled.

    I was wondering though – did the men actually get sentenced for rape or was it only for kidnapping? I’ve read conflicting reports – although I think that initially they were only charged with kidnapping and their sentences are now doubled as they are sentences for rape – but I’m not absolutely sure in the latter.

  4. Ahmerd, you cannot convince us that the girl was sentenced because she was a rape victim. Our court system is not that simple, there are are two higher courts that approve or disapprove the rulling. You should tell the whole story to make people understand and not fool them! After all the girl was guilty of lying to the court about her going out with one of these guys on a date and that he invited his friends to rape her, and by the way the rapists were all Shi’a.

  5. assalamu’alaikum

    it sucks..justice will prevail in the end..everyone who’s been wronged will get justice..if not in this dunya, then definitely in the aakhirah.

    btw- did you write abt fatima’s case? it’s so distressing..

  6. Tabuk Knight, I did not say the girl was sentenced because she was raped, and I did not want to recap the whole story here as it is already available at the links in this post. Actually, I wonder if you have given enough attention to reading the story before posting your comment.



  8. I love it – the United States “freed” the “oppressed” Iraqis, yet sucks up to Saudi Arabia, a country where a rape victim is punished. I don’t care if she broke the law by getting into a car with a man (what a stupid, stupid, stupid law), she was raped.

    (For the record, in light of the recent widespread defense of Roman Polanski happening here, I don’t think Americans are all that much more enlightened when it comes to rape).

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