Job at MBC for Women

Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, or simply MBC, are looking for a woman to work on online community development for the imatter project which focuses on empowering women across the Arab World. I’m posting this because I thought some fellow female bloggers might be interested in getting this job, especially that the job description goes well with what they are already doing with their blogs. If you would like to apply please follow the instructions posted here, and let me know as I might be able to help.

8 thoughts on “Job at MBC for Women

  1. This is really nice to hear about.. Thanks Ahmed for posting it.. Your blog is always reliable to give the most interesting topics that concerns fellow Saudi bloggers and updated news in the blogging world.. I hope you dont mind that I post this on my blog for my friends to see..

  2. I think we should know first who are behind such projects and what they are really after! After all I do not trust MBC because it has no respect at all for Islamic values. You don’t want you family to watch such channels. They sell drugs, violence, homosexuality, adultry, and all kinds of other sins.

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  4. halo im asmaa from moroco but i was born in koweit and leavd ther but now im in moroco and i wanna get a job in mbc i deam of this and i need help can any one help me or just give me some advices plz i hope u do people by

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