How Dare You Criticize Me?

First you have some people who believe that the government cannot be criticized simply because الشيوخ أبخص, and the government know the interests of the citizens better than themselves. Then you have some officials in the government who believe they cannot be criticized because, well, they are the government, falsely thinking this gives them some kind of immunity. And now you have a Shoura member who believe he and his fellow members cannot be criticized because he claims that almost no one out there know anything about the nature of work they do under that big dome.

However, Abdullah Al Twairgi is not jut asking for immunity, but he also seeks establishing a law to punish those who dare to talk bad about the Shoura Council. Obviously the right honourable member was so offended by an episode of Tash Ma Tash that was aired in Ramadhan and lightly touched on the performance of the council, and now he wants to ban reporters from attending the council discussions until they come up with something that can silence the critics. Way to go doctor!

At least I’m glad I have not elected you.

10 thoughts on “How Dare You Criticize Me?

  1. honsetly, i was shocked with one Shoura member on Al-Ekhbaryia TV..
    the progrrame host was far informed on the topic and the Shoura member seemed to find it hard to follow up with him…

  2. Ahmed,

    It is funny that Dr. Abdullah was teaching in the Media College in KSU!. Imagine what kind of media men can be the product of such alike!.

    No one has immunity, simply!.

  3. It’s not just Saudi Arabia. They’re like that in Australia too. The government have made it clear that they find criticism tiresome and the people should keep their noses out of things that don’t concern them. As if the running of your country doesn’t concern you!

  4. but he also seeks establishing a law to punish those who dare to talk bad about the Shoura Council.

    Why not give him what he wants, and speak more respectfully? All hail Chief Big Nose!

  5. Well let me say that it’s drastic to say that he is assuming immunity of the Council. But I think he has a serious argument which might lead someone to believe that he’s asking for immunity. In my belief, I think he is trying to express that there is a difference between those who are knowledgeable and those who are not. In other words, people should trust that they members in the Council are well educated members of the community. Criticism for this class of people should not be viewed to the public because the average people are not as much educated as they are. Because this will allow everyone to stand against them when they simply know nothing about the world.

    Even for those who tried to spot something on Dr. Altuairky should not take it in a kind of funny way. After all we are discussing issues that are debatable and every point of view should be respected.

    Thank you.

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