Sweet Home Alabama


We are finally in Montgomery, Alabama after a long trip all the way from Bozeman, Montana. More from here later.

6 thoughts on “Sweet Home Alabama

  1. Ahmed,

    I don’t think this tour is showing you the best parts of America. Alabama is OK, but it’s the buckle in the Bible Belt without much to see there. Miami would be better as would Los Angeles with Honolulu the best of all. Still, I suppose Alabama is culture shock enough.

  2. I loved Alabama, sepcially Mobile. There is no need for a ‘culture shock’ – if that would be applicable then people travelling all around the world would have quite some ‘culture-shocks’ when leaving their hotels.

  3. There is a lot of nothing in Alabama. Montgomery is not exactly the swingingest city in the States. That’s where I would go if I were looking for a retirement home, not sights to see. It’s like the opposite of Las Vegas.

  4. Tantor, you’re right. But most of America is more like Alabama than it is like Las Vegas!

    The point of the trip is to see a cross section of the US, not just the high points. NYC will substitute adequately for Sin City.

    All in all, the organizers did a good job in site location, IMO. It’s exactly the sort of itinerary I would have wanted if Ahmed was traveling on one the program I organized in Riyadh.

  5. John,

    I’ll admit that most of America is pretty boring to see but why go to be bored?

    New York isn’t much of a sin city, from what I can see, not any more than any other big city. There’s just more of it. I was pretty surprised to find that you can walk all over Manhattan at night and it’s pretty safe. I think this sin city and crime-ridden portrait of NYC is a holdover from pre-Giuliani New York back in the ’70s.

    I imagine a Broadway show is going to be pretty overwhelming for a kid from a country without movie theaters.

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