Experiencing Washington DC

Today is our second day in the city and we got a chance to go sightseeing. The day started in a not-so-perfect fashion as our tour guide didn’t show up this morning and one of the translators had to do the job. After we got back from the tour we decided to go to the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian. We have had a good time there though we wished if it had more about space than air. Later we went for a walk around the museum and spent some time at an event called the Black Family Reunion. I got back to the hotel to relax a bit and write this post, and will probably go out tonight but we have not decided yet what to do or where to go. Recommendations appreciated. Here is some pictures from today.


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  1. Dear SaudiJeans,

    This seems to be a good experience for you. I am currently working on one for my own but as a postgraduate student.

    I believe that everybody from a developing country should visit a developed country in order to get his contry developed. Or is it a dream? I don’t know.


  2. Hit Lima’s lounge, amazing vibe there. Experience D.C nightlife, not the best, but sure is a healthy change for spending a boring night in Riyadh.

  3. Good for you Ahmed. Do not forget to get to see the famous old lady, objected to Bush’s policy, on her little camp in front of the White House’s back gate.

    Also, you might consider a walk on the M street exploring the wonderful shops and stores, there are some Arab coffee shops ( serves shishas if you’re a fan of ) and restaurants.

    Have fun.

  4. Hi brother,

    it seems that you are enjoying your time in Uncle Sam Country.

    I am glade that you got this chance & I believe that it will add too much to your personality..

    Enjoy your time & don’t forget to document your visit..


  5. Do they have any intention to let you visit California (San Francisco , San Diego or LA)?
    don’t miss that

    It’s Disney and Hollywood and the real and amazing nature and industry.

  6. DC is such a great city – I hope you like it as much as I do! There are a few places you should check out – Chi Cha Lounge on 16th and U St, NW has a nice laid back atmosphere, Bus Boys and Poets is part restaurant part book store with a political activist theme, also make sure you go to Eastern Market on the weekend (if you are staying that long!). Other than that Dupont Circle, Georgetown and Adams Morgan are neighborhoods that are always full of life.

  7. Wasington D.C. would be even more beautiful if it expelled those war criminals occupying the whit’s house and other government buildings!

  8. Glad that you enjoyed the Air & Space Museum. Hope you got to see some of the IMAX movies there, especially the premier film, “To Fly!” If you didn’t, it’s worth going back for – though on second thought, going to the National Gallery directly on the opposite side of the Mall from A&S might be a better choice.

    However, if you really, REALLY want more space stuff, NASA HQ is across Independence Avenue from Air & Space. Your group can choose a spokesperson to enter and sweet-talk your way upstairs to the Public Affairs Office and take a few press releases on current missions.

  9. You should get out and view the second Air and Space Museum out to the west of Metro DC.

    I live in the area and have been there a couple of times. They have dozens of full sized airplanes an an entire space shuttle.

    I would also recommend The American Indian Museum there in downtown DC. The building is a great design and the exhibits first class.

    If you make it out west hit an-Nakheel for the best shawarma outside the middle east.

  10. Along with all the other recommends . . . check out The International Spy Museum . . . it is a fun place to go see all the methods of spying down thru the ages. They say that WDC has more spies per capita than any other city in the world . . . they must be working overtime with the shrub in the white house. Enjoy your visit to the States!

  11. Nice photos ;-) Good to see you’re enjoying yourself. Is your group from all over the world? Or?
    I think it’s nicer travelling with a group and after spending two weeks sharing a common experience often friendships are made as well between various groupmembers.

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