Thinking Outside the Box

Are student councils becoming a trend on Saudi campuses?

In short: No. Just because three universities in the Kingdom, two of them private, have decent student councils does not mean such thing has become a trend. Just take a look at the country’s oldest university: except for the occasional lame religious activities, student councils in KSU are either inactive or nonexistent. The rise of Sahwa in the ’80s and ’90s have brought most, if not all, non-religious activities on the campus to a nearly complete halt.

Of course most people outside don’t know anything about this because, unfortunately, my university is a locked box. And after studying here for four years, I can tell you for sure that the atmosphere and culture of KSU does not encourage its students (and staff) to think outside the box.

4 thoughts on “Thinking Outside the Box

  1. Sahwa means Awakening. The Islamic Awakening is a movement that dominated many aspects of life here in Saudi Arabia but it’s been declining in the past few years.

  2. Hi,
    first of all this is my first blog. I have to admit that I’m all thumbs when it comes to blogs. Back to your topic”Sahwa” and its effects on Saudi society. Unfortunately, my friends, our problem is not with sahwah, but with those people who never accept others’ opinions. Unfortunately we are dominated by people who see themselves as the ONLY Muslims on earth; they are the only rightly guided sect among all Muslims. Those people created an atmosphere of hatred among Saudi people, from Hijaz to Najd; from north to south. They did not only create this division inside Saudi Arabia, but they also helped lobby others to hate Saudi people.

    I hope I can add more next time!

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