iPhone Fully Unlocked in Riyadh

That’s it: I’m getting my iPhone next month.

18 thoughts on “iPhone Fully Unlocked in Riyadh

  1. He says it depends on your SIM type, but you probably won’t need any of these method because by September a full easy-to-use software solution should be available online.

  2. hi guys ramadan moubarak in advance to each one of you , I’m moroccan & coming over to riyadh by the end of Ramadan inchaalah ,& my Question is that Iwanted to know if ican purchase an iphone & an ipod from riyadh & iwanna know if it can really happen & answer my calls from saudi

  3. hi, i just moved from the US to to attend school, but I still am not able to unlock the iphone. I have an ALJAWAL sim. can you please help me?

  4. hi all, i’ve secured a supply of unlocked 8GB iphones for saudi. people are worried about the upadate and the phone freezing. you basically have to avoid updating software (no big deal) and wait another month until the arabic software patch comes out, then have it installed at any phone dealer.

    im selling it for 6000 SR with accesories like case, and lens cover, etc. …. if you wanna buy or know someone who does, please email me at m.sami.ahmad@gmail.com

    ps- the device is sick!

  5. I am selling 16 GB Iphones for SR 2625. The phones are locked and sealed in the original plastic wrapping. I an from the U.S. I travel to Jeddah every two weeks. If you are interested, please call me in Jeddah at 0545321377 or in the U.S. at 001-256-454-6213

    Thank You,


  6. Hi I purchased my iPhone from ruh,I am now visiting Canada ,unfortunately my I phone whatsapp is not working and says I uv to visit apple store in ksa to update,any other solutions pls

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