Liberal Blog Hacked. How Pathetic!

I was skimming through my feeds in Google Reader while watching a football match on TV when I saw this:


It looks like some muttawa kids got too much free time in their hands and they decided to use it to do some cyber jihad. They have hacked a Saudi liberal blog written in Arabic and erased its content completely. The pictured above statement says “any attempt to regain the ownership of the blog or anything like it will be hacked.”

I think the original owner of the blog should contact Jeeran, who host his blog, about this and they probably would be able to return it to him as well as restoring his posts. I don’t have much to say about it, but: seriously kids, this is pathetic.

UPDATE: The posts are back now on the blog, but all of them carry today’s date instead of their original posting dates. I don’t know what happened and the blogger doesn’t offer an explanation (yet), but I’m glad it’s back.

UPDATE 2: The blogger has responded to a comment I left on his latest post saying this happened after he was working on the blog at an internet cafe and then left without logging out. He offers more details here, and says he will write about this incident soon.

9 thoughts on “Liberal Blog Hacked. How Pathetic!

  1. “muttawa kids” LOL
    Don’t you just hate it when they begin their messages with praising God like he’s so pleased with them!
    ps. one of the comments on the forum was like “your blog deserve it” :? :? :?

  2. How stupid kids were they !
    But don’t blame them because they might living in caves or in a desert with camels
    even if they are living in big castles these castles almost look like caves where no source of light and knowledge

    thanks brothe Ahmed

  3. there is a huge negative and no understanding to liberal saudis. Most Saudi’s dont understand what liberal means and how it affects them. Most automatically think Liberal is against Islam and muslim values…

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