KAUST and KEC: The Future of Saudi Arabia

I have previously posted about the album I compiled for images of the new projects under development in Saudi Arabia. One of the projects that does not appear there is King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), which is described as a unique world-class graduate research university that will provide significant support for scientific discovery and human advancement within Saudi Arabia, the region and around the globe.


The core campus, located on more than 36 million square meters on the Red Sea near Rabigh, is set to open in September 2009. This project, as well as Knowledge Economic City (KEC) in nearby Medina, show some features of the future face of this country. It is the hope that such megaprojects would achieve their goals and help our nation to move forward. You can see more pictures in the virtual tour KAUST website provides here.

10 thoughts on “KAUST and KEC: The Future of Saudi Arabia

  1. I like to know if the KAUST is built or still a project. Who is the architect?
    It is funny but I was contacted by a consulting company regarding what to build in KEC and they ended up doing what I told them to do…I am humbled.

  2. “A world class” universtiy has nothing to do with the buildings. It is about honest, unfettered intellectual inquiry of the mind and ideas.

  3. KAUST is under construction full speed. I work with LJA who provides site engineering for KAUST. I did the site engineering for KAUST and the design is almost done from our end. Saudi Oger is the contractor and HOK is the architect.
    Go http://www.KAUST.EDU.SA for update info.

  4. No doubt a world class universtiy. We (Western Integrated Materials, Inc.) were awarded to provide the Aluminum Door Frames on this project. Working with our clients on this project has been very good. We look forward in working on other projects as well. I am amazed of the size of this project.

  5. McKinsey contacted me about it and I proposed a theme park about the seerah of the prophet. They liked and they are building it. Of course I did not my name to be disclosed.


  6. saudi oger has conducted interview for the maintenance project in KAUST . could you provide any information regarding this?

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