For Sale…

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former Saudi ambassador to the United States and current National Security Adviser, has listed one of his properties there for sale. The property, called Hala Ranch, is a 95-acre estate built in 1991 and it is located in Aspen, Colorado. But since he is not spending as much time in the United States as he once did, he decided to sell it. The NY Times describes the ranch as “the most expensive single-family residential property in the nation on the market.”


How much does it cost, you ask? Just $135 million.

7 thoughts on “For Sale…

  1. For any of you who are interested, You can take a look at this spectacular estate by typing the following coordinates into the google earth browser 39°14’46″N 106°50’59″W.

  2. Disgusting …
    King Abdullah must put an end to the corruption that has been taking place among the members of the royal family. What’s hidden is worse!

  3. One good forest fire and that place is toast.
    I will be sooooo sad. It sucks when rich people move into an area like that, the locals can’t aford it so they have to leave.

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