For a very long time, many friends and fellow bloggers have been asking me to move to WordPress and leave Blogger behind. I finally did. Truth be told, I wasn’t planning to move. I was comfortable with Blogger that I even moved my blog from their blog*spot domain to my own. What I hated about Blogger is the weak support. If you have a problem with your blog there was no way in hell you could contact anyone working on the tool that introduced blogging to the masses. But other than that, I liked the service.

Early in June, while I was getting ready for final exams, I was going through one the very well-known symptoms of finalitis: you get creative in stuff that have nothing to do with your studies. For some reason, I thought it would be a good idea to try Google Apps in order to get a customized email address (as in xxx @ saudijeans.org). I mean: why not? It’s free, it seems easy-to-use, and it’s Google . It was only a matter of a few minutes and viola! my new email address was working. I go to check on my blog, but I can’t find it. All I had was a custom 404 Error page. I panicked. I calmed down. I tried to fix it, but couldn’t. I contacted the Google guys but received no answer. I decided to move my blog. If they don’t care enough to fix something that they messed up, then maybe I’m better off without them (blogging-wise, of course, because I almost like every other Google service).

I moved the blog from Blogger to WordPress. However, I’m not using WP.org that many people are using. I’m using a paid version of WP.com. I pay $25 per year to use domain mapping and edit CSS. I know I would have more control over the blog if I used WP.org, but I really didn’t want to bother with hosting and all that stuff, and with that price tag it seemed like a very good deal to me. Moreover, WP.com is optimized to work seamlessly with Google Apps, so I get to have best of both worlds.

Oh and yeah, I’m back!

8 thoughts on “Migration

  1. When you register for a WP blog you get an option to import your posts from several other blogging services, including Blogger.

  2. Congratulations for the move … hope u didn’t have many technical problems with it …
    I’m considering the move too after a few readers of my blog told me that almost all the photos on my blogs, being hosted on bloggers service, where blocked in Saudi..
    I’ll see if i can get off my bum and do the move …
    until then keep blogging … we missed ur posts

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