Saudi Jeans is 3 Years Old Today

Today marks the third anniversary of Saudi Jeans. Three years is probably not such a very long time of blogging. Dave Winer has been doing it for the past 10 years; Jason Kottke for 9. But for someone who has started blogging as a “fun experiment” I honestly did not expect myself to keep on doing that for this long. Surprisingly, I still enjoy writing on this blog and I truly believe this is the main reason why I keep on maintaining it. Of course, it is not always fun and games in Saudi blogland, and the blogosphere can be a tough, horrible place sometimes, but overall I can say that I’m somewhat satisfied with the experience so far.

Similar to last year, as my finals approach, I will be taking a break from the blog to focus more on my studies. I should be back in 3-4 weeks. I believe some more bloggers might also take similar breaks, though unannounced, so you can expect the local blogosphere to be queit for a while. Until then, you can dig in the archives at the end of this page to follow the evolution of Saudi Jeans over the years. I want to thank you all my dear readers, and I want also to thank anyone who helped me with my endeavors on the web.

19 thoughts on “Saudi Jeans is 3 Years Old Today

  1. they say when u hit the big 3 in the blog world
    a blog redesign is in place


    and goodluck on ur finals

  2. well congratulations …

    hope ur exams go well and we’ll be waiting for your enjoyable posts in 4 weeks time.

  3. Hmmm, does that mean you started your blog 3 years ago before the finals too?

    Wishing you the best with your finals and Happy 3rd Anniversary :)

  4. Congratulations and good luck with your exams. But tell me, how are we going to live for 4 weeks without any news from you? ;-)

  5. هذا أحسن وقت لتحول إلى وورد برس يا أحمد
    الثالثة ثابتة

  6. Congratulation Ahmed. ‎
    You have done pretty well over the last three years. I hope you’ll also do well in the ‎exams and at the same time we will be waiting eagerly for your return with more great ‎ideas and comments.‎
    Best wishes.‎

  7. Happy Birthday Saudi Jeans ^_^
    “you don’t need this from me, but those were excellent 3 years man!”
    Wishing you a smooth exams ride, and happy returns.

  8. yaaay…happy blog birthday! I am sure it must be an exhilarting feeling…keep up the good work and hope you continue to write more good stuff about saudi..i know i have said this time and again, and I will say it yet again: your blog is the first place I check to find out what’s happening in Saudi.


  9. Thanks everyone.

    Khloud, yes, this is a well-known symptom of finalitis: I get creative in things that have nothing to do with school :-)

    Bandar, I would move to WP if you are willing to hook me up with a good design ;-)

  10. الأخ أحمد

    مبروك ال3 الأولى و للمزيد من السنين انشاءالله.
    عند قراءتي لتعليق بندر باللغة العربية
    فكرت للحظة…كيف لم يخطر على بالي أن أعلق بالعربي قبل الآن؟؟!؟
    على ذكر العربية أتمنى أن يأتي اليوم الذي نراك فيه تكتب بعض التدوينات بالعربي… أنت من العقول الشابة التي نحتاج لأن نسمع صوتها في الداخل وأن يكون صوتك و أفكارك في متناول الشباب السعودي عامة و ليس النخبة التي تستطيع أن تقرا أو تعبر عن نفسها باللغة الانجليزية فقط….
    هل نأمل في ذلك؟؟

  11. Entroy, I already have a blog in Arabic, but it is mainly about personal stuff. I have always said that I will at some point in the future start something like SJ in Arabic, but for the time being, SJ provides me with a better platform to express my opinions.

    Anon, thanks for the advice, here it is: SJ MyBlogLog Community.

  12. Many happy returns to your blog.
    You may now want to seriously think about going for those XXL slim fit designer denims.

  13. 3 سنين انجاز ! .
    غيرك سجل لأجل التسجيل و نسي الموضوع تماما هنا في بلوقر و غيره :)

    بهالمناسبة فاجأنا بأنك ستنتقل للورد بريس رجاءاً ..
    كل التوفيق نتمناه لك ..

  14. Hey, since you live in Saudia are looking for reforms. What do you think of apostates? In my view, its their personal right to divert away from Islam but what is pissing me off is their propaganda against Islam. If they start doing it, certainly Muslims will start fighting back by using Quranic verses which talks about infidels! A boundary line has to be drawn somewhere! What do you think of this issue? Just wanted to hear from some ‘reformist’ Saudi! Probably do an article on it?

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