Reason 943 to love Sweden: In 2006, the U.S. allow…

Reason 943 to love Sweden: In 2006, the U.S. allowed 220 Iraqis to emigrate to the United States. During the same year, Sweden accepted 9,700.

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  1. The Swedes are fools to take in Muslims when their current Muslim immigrants have generated a huge wave of crime and are perpetrating the majority of rapes:

    Welcoming Muslims into your country is like welcoming locusts. They do not add value to the quality of life of any country, but subtract from it. We don’t want savage crime-ridden Muslim ghettos in America like they have in Sweden.

  2. SJ- That is something wonderful to hear. I’m glad someone is helping those who are in need of saving from the terrors in Iraq.
    Tantor – On the contrary, anyone who welcomes the US armed forces is screwed so please spare us all the mumbo jumbo. In the States, there are more areas where the “majorities” (and I do mean Whites) rule the place and you will see more crimes against women and children in those areas than you will ever see anywhere else!!!

  3. aliya,

    Japan and Germany host US armed forces and became economic superpowers. They screwed themselves with the kind of racist tyranny Saudis admire, but America shepherded them back into civilization and prosperity.

    Iraq is screwed because the Shia and Sunni are more interested in pursuing their ancient hatreds than securing their childrens’ future. America is giving them the opportunity of a century to build a better Iraq and they are throwing it away. Saudi Arabia is helping them throw their future away by providing suicide bombers who butcher crowds of civilians.

    Where ever Muslims go, they make war on their hosts. Sweden is no exception, but rather the rule. While Muslim immigrants compose only a fraction of the Swedish population, they commit two out of three rapes. Their imams condone the rapes of any Swedish girl who does not dress to Muslim standards. It has become so bad that Swedish girls have designed an anti-rape belt to defend themselves against Muslim savages.

    The same is true in other Scandinavian countries. There are equally shocking crimes committed in the Muslim ghettos of Europe.

    Your racist rant that such crime is rampant in America is pure Muslim nonsense. Rapists are not protected in America as they are in Saudi Arabia, with respect to maids, who are much more likely to suffer under Saudi law for being raped by a Saudi than the rapist himself. Likewise, Saudis sanction the honor killings of girls who run afoul of your barbaric customs. In America, such child killings are considered evil, the subject of public outrage, and heavily punished.

  4. I am sad to say that “tantor” is 100% correct. Muslim immigrants have shown themselves to be very ungreatful guests in their new countries throughout Europe and the world. I don’t know why any country would admit them. They demand that the new country adapt to fit them and scream constantly that they are “victims” when they fail to succeed in their new lives. They fail to learn the language and customs of their new country and don’t get an education that might allow them some upward mobility, and yet “it’s everybody else’s fault” when they fail. When Muslims value a REAL education (that would be one that encourages debate and discussion of opposing points of view), hard work, respect for womens right,individual rights, etc, etc they will then have something to contribute to the world and might be welcome immigrants to other countries. Until then Muslim countries will continue to be either 3rd world basket cases or welfare states supported by petro dollars. If it wasn’t for oil what would you all be doing?.

    Ask yourself the following: Why don’t Chinese as an example, who have immigrated to all parts of the world, have any problems with assimilation?

  5. Wow…I really don’t know what to say.
    Is this what the world has become?
    I guess it is.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves.
    What can be done though when so many people around the world prefer to generalise and blame others rahter than find solutions. Perhaps it’s time we realised that we’re all to blame and the only way we can change things is to change our thoughts, perceptions and beliefs.

  6. I am not going to argue with your opinions about muslims and islam – there are good and bad things with everything. HOWEVER, I am from Sweden and I am living in Riyadh: Tantor, that talk about “Swedish girls have designed an anti-rape belt to defend themselves against Muslim savages” is pure racist BULLSHIT. Don’t post that kind of CRAP!

  7. Tantor, I’m swedish, there is no such thing as such a belt. Nor are Muslims as a group responsible for rape. Do you have any idea what real life Sweden looks like? Besides the websites that you visit.

    Majority who get beat up here are white swedish women by white swedish men. Does that mean all white swedish men are wife beaters? Of course not.

    There is good and bad everywhere, try and open your heart.

    Sweden has welcomed a lot of Iraqis which is great, but problems have occurred regarding housing. In some places they have not arranged proper living fascilities and one case was highlighted where 9 people shared a one bedroom flat so it isn’t all rosy here, Sweden needs to step up and also take care of them once they have arrived. We have plenty of space here…We are only 9 million.

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