Some friends have visited Qatif last week to exper…

Some friends have visited Qatif last week to experience Ashura Commemorations. I wanted to be there as well, but unfortunately my final exams this semester coincided with the occasion so I had to stay in Riyadh until the 15th of Muharram. Shiites in Qatif, unlike their counterparts in Ahssa (aka Hofuf), enjoy more freedom when it comes to celebrating religious occasions like Ashura. This is probably because Ahssa is a mixed area while Qatif is amlost purely Shiite. Although some say Qatifis are enjoying this freedom because they are more rebellious, but that’s another story.

2 thoughts on “Some friends have visited Qatif last week to exper…

  1. it would have been cool if u got to go see it urself.
    u’de be surprised at how happy religious tolerance makes a person. el7mdela in kuwait we dont have a problem, hope u get to go next year.

  2. Ashura this year was different because of conflict with final exams we have..

    I’m as a student doesn’t have much time to commemorate the occasion as much as should.

    My Ahsaais friends who live in Dammam turn to Sihat to get some freedom(as u said)they don’t in Dammam. it’s odd that Shiites in America can observe Husseini processios easily while they face oppression in their country and may get arrested.

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