Apologies for not updating in ages. I was going th…

Apologies for not updating in ages. I was going through some rough times and it’s been quite hectic around here lately. All of a sudden, my laptop has decided to go blind (read: screen is dead) and since it would cost me about 40% of its original purchase price, I have decided to retire it and buy a new machine. However, I’m practically broke and I will need a loan to do that, so I guess this will take some time. I don’t have an alternative machine, so for the time being updates would be few and far between. More apologies, and Peace.

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  1. Well hope u sort things out quickly …


    firstly, I don’t know where you got that from or what the perpose of that comment you posted is. All what you’re trying to do is to ignite a fire of hate among bloggers, but all you proving instead is that u’re nothing but a coward who knows that he’s doing something degradable and hiding behind an anonymous identity.

    Secondly, what individuals do with there money is an individual choice. No one has the right to question that unless that money is spent in ways that have an external risk to the community they live it. The later case is left for professional investigators and intelligence agencies to investigate not for random anonymous commentor to use to assault people.

    Hope that one day we grow up as a society to learn to respect other humans for being humans and not to encourage discrimination between different groups.

  2. To the first Anon: You have been previously told that are not welcome here and that your comments would no longer be tolerated.

    Sulaiman: I apologize.

  3. dell laptops are cheap these days becoz of the explosive batteries scandal. ther prices has dropped marrah even in saudi. see for ur self. now i dont want enni 2wahgik ya a7med. but to tell u the truth i never heard about this happening here. but the prices are wallah low compared to other brands. good luck and keep us posted :)

  4. sj, as a temp workaround to yr laptop problem, buy a cheap used monitor and plug it in the back of the laptop. y’ll be up’n’running in no time.


  5. Danno, thanks for the advice, but I’m really not into Dull, oops I mean Dell laptops ;-)

    Paul, I’m using my brother monitor for the time being. Thanks.

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