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… is absolutely one of my favourite places in Riyadh. A stylish juice bar and cafe, located on Tahlia St. (aka Prince Mohammed Bin Abdul-Aziz St.). They also have branches in Bahrain and Kuwait, and I read that they will be opening in Jordan soon.

13 thoughts on “WaterLemon

  1. I’m in the EP now, so I’m kinda missing it too. Never tried the beef burger, I go there exclusively for juices, but I think I should try it ;-)

  2. i have to agree that waterlemon is quite a trendy place to hang out and have a drink with friends.. however i feel that their food isn’t great..but the cool decor makes up for that.

  3. Dear Ahmad,

    It seems to me that u have a wonderful taste I knew that first from your lovely blog and second from choosing WaterLemon as one of your favorite places.

    Wish u the best ever

  4. Hadeel, there is no story. It’s just a cool place, that simple ;-) I hear it’s popular among girls too, so I guess it’s not just a men thing.

    Ghada, thanks for the compliment :-)

  5. If you were a single guy, then I’m sorry to tell you that Riyadh don’t have much to offer to you. However, you can check out this page to find some stuff.

  6. This place offers nice colorful food packing a cozy cheerful ambiance but, food quality wise it’s lousy and always served cold :(
    last year I had food poisoning from there salad.
    I never went back to the place since then.

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