Riyadh Times (A Day in My Life)

I finished my really early analytical chemistry class on 09:00 and immediately called my friends to confirm an already-planed visit to Al-Mamlaka Mall. By 09:30 we were there, me, my good friend Mo, and two other guys I would rather not to talk about.

One could wonder why would four college boys sneak the classes and go to the mall? The answer is because all malls in Riyadh are restricted to families almost all the time and single men are only allowed in the morning! However, don’t be surprised if you see some girls hanging out in the mall at morning all by themselves. For some reasons that I cannot understand, females can enter the mall anytime they want.

I did not go there just to hang out. I went there to look for a new pair of shoes to go with the grey uniform the college asked us to wear starting form this semester. I’m not usually lucky at shopping, but this time I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous silver pair from Nike at Max Active. I started to feel like it’s my Lucky Day, so I went to Debenhams and purchased a nice red sweater to fight back the unexpected cold weather in the capital these days.

Before leaving the mall, we had to stop by at Rotana Music Factory to check out the new releases. I couldn’t find anything interesting, so I got Green Day‘s American Idiot, which just arrived to the store few hours ago.

While we were at Music Factory, we ran into two sluts who tired their best to show their sunglasses, overdone faces and sexy bodies underneath the black robes. It was bizarre to see an Abaya that reveals much more than what it covers, and as Mo puts it “it’s like she is calling me to grab her boobies!” Never mind, some doctors say it’s healthy to see some boobies in the morning and some before going to bed! ;-p

I went back from the mall and directly headed to attend my Arabic Writing class, a course that I really don’t need. However, Arabic classes used to be all fun to me. I spent the afternoon with Mo, who is also my roommate, at our place watching Mean Girls on his PC.

Early in the evening, we went out again. This time to Prince Faisal Stadium to attend a football match between the local team Al-Hilal, and Al-Afriqi from Tunisia. My favourites, Al-Hilal, were winning the Tunisian side 3-1 at the end, but we did not enjoy the match because the weather was very, very cold. I was expecting a regular night, so I was wearing my favourite jeans and a basic T-shirt, and when I was watching the match, I was actually freezing!

It’s almost midnight and I had a class on 08:00. I better go to bed. Oops, I totally forgot, I got a medicinal chemistry exam tomorrow morning. What am I gonna do? I think I’ll fail! 8′-(

Update, 24/11/04, 21:29: A new item was added to the collection today. A beautiful pair of blue jeans from Zara was irresistible to me. I’m almost out of money now, any suggestions to make some?