Saudi Single Serving Sites

Single Serving Sites are web sites comprised of a single page with a dedicated domain name and do only one thing. This kind of websites has been online for a long time, but the trend was first documented last year by Jason Kottke, and later in a paper by Ryan Greenberg. Now these web sites cover many different topics and you can check the first two links to learn more and find examples, but some of my favorites are:,,, and Are you tired?.

Here in the Gulf, my Kuwaiti friend Bader has created two such web sites: Desert Fubuki, and most recently Last week I came across one interesting example from Saudi Arabia: Is it crowded or not? which basically watches the status of traffic at King Fahad Causeway and how congested it is on both directions. (The website has been taken down and now a message reads that it is still under construction and will be launched soon).

Inspired by the above, I started to think what other examples for Saudi Single Serving Sites could be interesting, useful and/or funny:,,,,,,,,,,, and finally, to answer a question that I’m frequently asked: You can think of better examples? Please do share them in the comments. I might actually go and buy some of these domains :-)