Al-Yaum Steals from a KAUST Blogger

Although al-Yaum newspaper has enjoyed a monopoly in the Eastern Province for a very long time, it remains one of the weakest publications in the country. I was born and raised in the EP, and I used to read Ashraq al-Awsat, al-Hayat and al-Watan but not al-Yaum. Yesterday, they gave me another reason not to read them: they shamelessly stole content from a blogger, copying his blog post with pictures and everything. Here‘s the piece published in al-Yaum, and here’s the original blog post written by Nathan, a student at KAUST.

With this kind of journalism, I don’t think the new newspaper coming to the EP will have a big problem to overcome the competition. Nathan is thinking about suing them, which would be awesome, but probably they have already embarrassed themselves enough.